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Story about my life this past year

2020.11.26 05:19 Km-10-04 Story about my life this past year

Hey I’ve been thinking lately I just don’t want my feelings bottled up inside of me anymore I don’t really have any real friends.
If you read this please give me any advice.
My thoughts lately have been crazy 2020 has been a wild year. This is mostly about a friend that died I was 16 and he was 17. I’m still 16 btw
Well his name is Jesus Delarosa I met him in 5th grade he was a nice kid I met him because we both loved playing football (soccer) at recess he always talked to me about how he wanted to play for a team named Real Madrid. That was our goal when we were kids. Eventually we got Into middle school. We were on the same middle school team and we had a great time with many other friends. But out of nowhere this guy developed a sort of anger issue he was a hothead he got into a fight with another guy after a game and he was kicked off the team in 7th grade. I never really talked to him in 6th grade cuz we didn’t have the same classes.
He developed a reputation he started getting into fights doing wild shit in middle school. I avoided this guy cuz I didn’t really like his attitude when he was around he always brought trouble. But I do remember one thing. I’m tall not really fat or skinny not chubby either just like skinny but built. No one really picks on me I’m a nice guy and everyone knows me. But in 7th grade I joined the basketball team and I wasn’t very good and our school is kind of small. He wasn’t very good at it either but I remember this one time I made a small mistake and some teammates just started to pick on me. I’m kind of soft emotionally I used to be a very sensitive guy. And out of nowhere he just starts standing up for me even though I didn’t really talk to him that much this year. He just started to tell my teammates to leave me alone and if they wanted to fight to fight him.
They all just tried to shit talk him but he was ready to fight. None of them wanted to. He told me I should stand up for myself and that I can’t be out here being weak. I didn’t talk to him anymore until 9th grade. In 9th grade he had this big ego that he was better than everyone else. He talked shit to me sometimes .I didn’t really like him in the beginning of 9th grade. I started to develop kind of an ego as well because over the summer I got into a couple of fights and I thought I was the shit.
I remember I took a little bit of boxing in 8th grade about 3 months I never told anyone. some kid was trying to fuck with me but I punched him pretty hard and I felt my confidence go up.I remember my friend was praising me at the lunch table he’s like damn bro I saw how you beat so and so’s ass this summer. You should do mma or boxing you might be a natural fighter. I told him I took a couple months of boxing so I know a little bit about it. Jesus heard and he said I bet I could beat your ass bring the gloves tommorow. So I did and we had a little boxing match I remember that I caught him with some good combos but I wasn’t very good at defense he also caught me with a few good punches that low key hurt the next day. We shook hands after we were 14 and 16 (he failed a grade) but I was gonna turn 15 like two weeks later anyways. He is 1 year 4 months older than me. We hung out with some other friends and he started complimenting me like “damn bro you actually pretty good at fighting” and I was like you too bro you caught me with a. Good punch back there on my face. And we didn’t have a car so we were just walking around town there is this cool river somewhere on the outskirts by a rail road. With another friend and a student from Thailand. I felt like we really had a good connection after that. We hung out and got to know each other better. He started being nicer to me and he was chill I remember my friend and the transfer student lived on the other side of town so they walked that way when it was time to go. And me and Jesus lived on the other side of town. So we started talking on the way home.
The next day at school I felt like I made a new friend instead of a rival to some extent. After that we were chill and I saw him as my older bro. We started hanging out more in school in classes with some more friends and we had some good laughs and competitiveness in basketball because we had gym together.
He left after that around may because he was going to work somewhere (he does this every year since 7th grade). I didn’t talk to him much I hit him up on Snapchat every now and then to check up. He came back to school in 10th grade but he was so far behind that for the first semester he couldn’t be in clases with us. He had to be in a program in the school but it’s like In a computer lab where he would do his missing assignments from 9th grade and catch up.
He eventually caught up and started to attend regular school around January of 2020. We where Sophomores. I only had him in gym. We started talking again a little but it was kind of awkward. A lot of people didn’t like this guy he always started trouble he had beef with a lot of people in school. Around that time I started hanging out with a couple other friends. We started smoking some weed after school on thursdays we would go to a spot it was a lake about 10 minutes out of town. We would smoke and it would be a lot of fun being high asf and being teenagers. Long story short I had a childhood best friend who ended up becoming best friends with this guy Jesus ,Since middle school and he was in the group he wanted to invite Jesus to a smoke session but the guy with the car he was a senior who I became friends with because he was in our gym class. Didn’t want him to go because that guy and him had beef since middle school. So I was stuck in the middle I didn’t want to choose a side. But we just kept rolling with our usual smoke group every other Thursday it ended up turning into. I enjoyed smoking weed it truly made me happy and I felt like I was the happiest person alive at the age of 15 lmao.
I remember we had a smoke sesh at the usual spot, a car rolled up on us and we where all scared as fuck because that never happened so we left quickly. We all planned to go eat some pizza after we were done smoking. But one of the dudes in our group forgot there backpack at the spot because he got scared we were walking outside smoking. So they left us and they would come back. I remember taking a selfie in the pizzeria I was just cheesing so hard lol I never felt happier really. That’s how happy weed made me feel.
Ok fast forward a couple weeks It’s my sophomore year I’m having a good time. I made new friends,I had a girl I was talking too,I took an edible in school I felt like my life was a movie for the first time I actually enjoyed school. So some beef started taking place like a few days before this COVID shit happened and school was shut down , between two friends it was the younger brother of the guy who gives us rides to smoke. he is also in my grade we have become good friends now. And another dude it was a senior I remember him from my freshmen year he transferred from Florida I became chill wit him he failed Freshmen English and biology. So idk how but in his junior year he had to retake those classes in order to pass. But I talked to him in class sometimes he was cool asf and I thought of him as a homie. But I didn’t have any more classes with him sophomore year.
So anyways they were beefing about some shit apparently my boy the younger brother of the guy who gave us rides .let’s call him J and the other dude let’s call him U. They were beefing because apparently U hung out wit J’s ex and he still had feelings for her and idk how he found out. But U really didn’t want to fight with him because he is 18 and J is 15 and J’s ex is 16. He didn’t want to catch a case lol.
So instead they planned to fight after school. Jesus stayed because he wanted to see. So the og plan was to hop in our homeboys whip cop some weed and support our boy in this fight, we weren’t planning to take Jesus but he insisted that he would hop in the trunk so we just let him. We were all packed in the car. J’s older brother told him not to fight because U is older and he’s gone get hurt. J didn’t care he was arrogant and thought he was stronger. J is about 5’8 220 and U is about 5’8 205 J was a bit bigger. So we knew shit was about to go down. We stopped at the plugs house I was feeling hella lit like oh shit I’m in the middle of some high school drama type shit for the first time. We copped 2gs because that’s all he had the plugs were running dry in the area for sum reason.
They tried to buy some from a plug in a town near us about 10 mins away so me and a friend stayed at a spot they were gonna fight at my boys name is Danny. Me and Danny we’re hella close since freshmen year so we talked about how this shit is crazy about COVID and it was literally the last day of school for my sophomore year it was 3/13/20. We thought we would be back 3 weeks later. But here we are. So shit the homies come back and it’s all 4 of em they like yo the plug told us he ran out blah blah. So we were waiting on U to get there cuz him and J were gonna settle the beef and throw some hands. I’m gonna describe the spot we were at I’m not very good with words lol. It was a spot right next to the road it was out of town like just barely. And about 300 feet ahead of us was a trailer park and some fishing shack to the left about 500 feet. It was kinda cold outside maybe 45 degrees. There was this body of water under the road it was a small bridge under the road with huge rocks and a river that flowed a couple miles to the left. So we were lock fuck it let’s just smoke U isn’t here yet it’s cold asf we just here for no reason. So all 6 of us are heading under the bridge and U pulls up next to the car out of nowhere. So shit we go back and them boys was about to scrap. They said that they were gonna run 30’s idek lmao they were both lowkey scared so they were only gonna fight for 30 seconds LMAO
So shit they start fighting my boy J is holding his own throwing some punches here and there they are trying to avoid eachother. J’s older Brother let’s call him Ish. I’m talking to him in the background and he says that he hopes J gets his ass beat because he keeps disrespecting him and his family at the house. He is a good older brother in my eyes. He wanted J to learn a lesson that’s the only reason he drove him there. Anyway back to the fight.
Out of nowhere J rushes U (u and j both took wrestling. But J only took it for one year and U took it for two years) j starts punching him pretty hard I almost thought he won. But U grabs his waist and throws him backwards on some judo shit. J lands on his nose somehow he starts bleeding a little. I know how he felt ,dizzy and weak because in a fight somebody caught me with a cheap shot straight to the nose shit had my nose fucked up for like two weeks but I beat his ass tho so lol. So basically U ended up fucking him up. But he didn’t really beat his ass too bad he realized when he had enough and they shook hands and he left.
Shit no ones saying anything, but J is saying that he wants a rematch and blah blah blah. And how he almost beat his ass. Whatever we start smoking and out of nowhere we hear someone near the bridge he’s like come out of there boys. And our two big friends J and let’s call this guy Val they head out and my friends start running. I was gonna go with J and Val to see what was up but then I see the cop from the corner of my eye. and I start running with them luckily he was a fatass and I got away easily. So me and ish,,Danny and Jesus got away. Shit we had to get through a 10 foot fence and that shit had like small holes through the wire so you couldn’t really stick your foot and climb up it and the fence kept bending at the top. So we pushed eachother over lmao. I remember straight up adrenaline from the weed we smoked under the bridge. Like adrenaline rushing through out my whole body because the cops definitely saw us. We got away long story short.
After that I didn’t see any of them for a while. I only texted Danny and we would play games he was my closest friend after a friend named Gumaro (who I’m still cool with). He moved freshmen year he was my best friend since 6th grade I love that dude I started working with him when I was 12 and he was 13. We had class together he was hella chill. But he moved so I didn’t really see him anymore. I text him about once every week and we chat for a while he also texts me once a week.
Jesus texted me if I wanted to hang out a couple times but I didn’t want to cuz it felt awkward and he texted me to play soccer and to work with him. I didn’t want to cuz it felt awkward but he eventually stopped texting me I’m so fucking sorry Jesus I love you forever bro.
Anyways I started working at my dads job in June he got me a job because I had recently turned 16 and he knows val because he was my childhood best friend so he invited him to come work with us. His job hires teens 16 and up every summer.
Me and Val got close again we haven’t been that close since 7th grade like we were friends and all but we didn’t talk to eachother that much no more you feel me.
So me and Val where chilling at the new job our last two weeks of work before we entered school again I started driving us to work at 5:30 am fuck that job. My dad quit and started his own roofing business thanks God because he makes way more money now and he is very happy that he can provide more money for us because it’s not easy to take care of 6 people I have 4 brothers and my mom.
Anyways one day I remember talking to Val about Jesus because that dude did some crazy ass shit. apparently. And I remember I got home went about my day. I woke up and my mom tells me Jesus was killed last night. Instantly I feel goosebumps and I can’t believe it. Memories of me and him start replaying instant regret I didn’t cry that day. All day I kept denying he was dead I kept thinking about him for atleast two weeks straight. I was holding my emotions in. I took val to work on Monday it was our last week of work he was down bad. In 7th grade Jesus turned into Vals best friend. I took him home from work early he was in terrible shape when we went to brake he had a dab pen on him and he was literally ripping that shit the whole time.
I went to work one more day and I quit. I didn’t want to go anymore. Anyways I was supposed to work one more day. Eventually I kept running away from my feelings. Late at night Tuesday I couldn’t hold it in anymore I went outside in my car and I was crying for atleast 20 mins straight at 3 am full with regret and saying I was sorry to Jesus because I never hung out with him after quarantine and I just had instant regret.
I went to his funeral two days later and I couldn’t cry. I don’t know why I still think about him sometimes. It just hits me at a random time and I start to get sad. It’s probably also this weed withdrawal adding on to it I smoked for about two weeks straight these last two weeks a little less. And I’ve been feeling hella sad lately. I spent about an hour writing all this it feels therapeutic I feel better. But I hope one day I can meet Jesus and I can say I’m sorry to him. I wish I would’ve hung out with you bro gone to soon Rip you where only 17.
Ever since he died a missing sort of energy bothers me everyday my life doesn’t feel the same. It’s almost as if a part of me was destroyed. I don’t know how to explain it I’m turning into a weed and nicotine addict as well. When I got high last week I heard Jesus’s voice talking to me and telling me to “stop doing this dumb shit, and focus on my life.” I don’t know if I’m starting to suffer from Psychosis I’m starting to derealize some stuff and it’s scary. I don’t know if it’s a demon talking or if it’s really my friend. If anyone knows or if anything like this has happened to you please let me know. Pray for me I’m going through it right now.
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What sleeping pattern? (Users with over 10 comments in every hour of the day)

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2020.11.18 07:53 Fluffy_Little_Fox My favorite shit part 2.

I'm gay as fuck but I still bump this shit. R.A. got barrrrrzzzzz.
R.A. The Ruggedman - Golden Oldies
[Chorus: Eamon]
I'm tryna show you old is golden....
It might be old but it ain't broken....
[Verse 1: R.A. The Rugged Man]
(01) Yo; are these supposed to be poems? I got poetry in my bones /
(02) I come from broken homes, the era of rotary phones /
(03) Put on some 80s R&B, with my chick, she's new /
(04) She told me, "that's the same music that my dad would listen to" /
(05) I don't know if I should be laughin' or stressin' /
(06) My girl was born the same year Daddy Kane dropped "Half-Steppin'" /
(07) We fight every day, there gotta be a better way /
(08) I like guns and boxing and Peckinpah to get away /
(09) She said she hates boxing compared to MMA /
(10) She never heard of NWA, she only knows Em and Dre /
(11) She said I'm primitive, politics today are more progressive /
(12) She gets mad when I tell her that men shouldn't wear dresses /
(13) While I'm cherishing my collection of every vinyl LP /
(14) She's in the mirror with duck lips tryna take a selfie /
(15) I'm raised on X Clan, Brand Nubian and Chuck D /
(16) She was raised on Imagine Dragons and Arctic Monkeys /
(17) I'm not tryna dance to trap music or dubstep /
(18) I'm the old man in the club with a headache upset /
(19) She said, "your outdated slangs are gonna make me go crazy" /
(20) I'm like, "Girl, I'm outta here, peace, ghost, Swayze!" Ha! /
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2020.11.17 01:36 BrowseRed Black Friday Sub and Merch Sale Edition of the Business Dave Top 100

Note: I did my best to preserve all hyperlinks (they are GB outbound links), but if any are broken I'll try to fix them.

Business Dave's Top 100 Black Friday Sale Propaganda Edition

Business Dave
Businessman, not a business... man
100) The undefeated bubble Phoenix Suns
99) Mizzle - A light rain with drops so fine it can be considered a cross between mist and drizzle.
98) Spam Fries
97) AEW Games
96) These proposed COVID-19 helmets that would've made everyone look like Master Chief
95) This lower back stretch
94) Using a selfie light for Zoom calls
93) WWE Thunderdome - I mean not really, but it's fun to say.
92) Thunder Jaws
91) Why every Star Wars film has the wrong title
90) Hood advice - I probably rolled my eyes when my dad taught me this, but I do it to this day.
89) Blaseball - I love the stats, gambling, rival fandoms, and unpredictable results! Oh, wait that's a typo. I meant BASEBALL... smh.
88) George Washington pool hair
87) Karate Kid crane kick in UFC
86) Kingmaker
85) Saran Wrap should be stored in the freezer
84) Putting an ice cream container in a Ziploc bag before putting in the freezer will help keep it soft and prevent freezer burn
83) Le Dinner Debonair
82) Umbrella Academy S2
81) These Homer Simpson slippers
80) That one week when Bol Bol got playing time
79) Baby Yoda isn't actually called Baby Yoda
78) New Muppet Babies
77) G.I. Joe Live - It's like Giant Bomb Infinite for full episodes of G.I. Joe.
76) Destro wasn't wearing a yellow shirt - That was his skin!
75) Zartan was wearing a cowl in the comics and toys, but it WAS his hair in the cartoon - Explained further down in this thread.
74) Alexis Alexander Navarro
73) Raw Underground - Where's Dabba-Kato?
72) Smooth Criminal in 4K - Annie are you 4K?
71) The time I heard someone say, "Smooth move Ghostbuster"
70) Seattle Dogs
69) Word meaning agreeable, satisfactory
68) Muhammad Ali slap boxing with Cus D'amato (Mike Tyson's trainer)
67) Fake Business Dave Twitter account - Shout out WiFiPirate
66) Bugsnax
65) Kyler Murray on my fantasy team
64) Young people recording their parents listen to WAP for the first time
63.Rap beef between Millie B and Sophie Aspin - I understand that this is old, but it's new to me ok? 0
62) The T-Rex from Wendy's
61) Greenland is smaller than Algeria
60) Ramirez - Modern day rapper with 1990s West Coast G sound.
59) You can clone pets now - I'm not saying that's a good thing. I'm just saying you can.
58) They're releasing the Snyder cut!
57) TENET - Haven't seen it, but it's a pretty ez lock to win the Business Dave MOTY now that Dune has been pushed back to 2021.
56) Increased use of the word "immaculate"
55) Chuck E. Cheese calls itself Pasqually's Pizza & Wings on delivery apps
54) Alphets - A more fun way to say "outfits".
53) They changed the alphabet song?!?
52) Vitamin D supplements
51) 51 is divisible by 17... and I bet you didn't know that.
50) Skeletor used to be a regular dude and was He-Man's uncle
49) Colin Kaepernick's in Madden 21
48) Swerving
47) Roman Reigns' heel turn
46) 5-inch inseam shorts - Ez top 20 during the summer.
45) Going a week before realizing that Daylight Savings had already happened
44) High key - Opposite of low key.
43) Shooting a fly with a Nerf gun
42) Nature Boy Paul Lee
41) YEBBA's verse on How Deep Is Your Love cover
40) Being old enough to see the principal's side of things in Ferris Bueller motion picture
39) Bakalar's old timey antics
38) Dill Pickle Flaming Hot Lays
37) Gherkin - Means "pickle" in English. Wait a minute...
36) The GOAT song about gherkins
35) Jade rollers
34) Instructions on how to eat a flat wing that changed my life
33) Starbucks Pup Cup aka Puppuccino
32) Malaa's set at EDC 2020 (Virtual Rave-A-Thon) - Not trying to front. I don't listen to EDM but happened to catch this live and thought this dude was dope af.
31) Turning a rusty nail into a sword
30) Increased use of the word "sus"
29) When WWE's Bayley says "Ding dong. Helloooo!"
28) Steve Guttenberg (yes, THAT Steve Guttenberg) saying, "We're not an-i-ma-le" in some new movie
27) The GOAT time someone said, "We're not an-i-ma-le" in a movie
26) This guy's vintage wrestling t-shirt collection
25) This Kill Bill: Volume 1 fun fact
24) NBA Draft
23) Amazing skip-shot hole-in-one
22) Abby played Fortnite with St. Vincent!
21) Mastery of the speed bag
20) Outlook's sound notification when new messages are received
19) Squishmallows
18) Yo, she punched a ghost in the face maybe!
17) 2Pac: The Safe - Someone uploaded EVERY unreleased Death Row 2Pac song on one YouTube video. It was over ten hours of material - all high quality, og versions (much of what was released was remixed to save money on samples). Unfortunately, it was taken down after a couple of weeks.
16) Brad's hair on the Hot Spot E364
15) Saying someone is the CEO of a trivial thing that they've demonstrated an expertise in or preference for - For example, Rorie is the CEO of asking what everyone is doing this weekend.
14) New consoles are out!
13) Team Giant Bomb raises over $200K for Extra Life! Not too late to donate here!
12) Definitely NOT Brad's Chrono Trigger save
11) Woj Bombs
10) Alex Navarro Holiday Ornament
9) Kelsey Grammer plays a character named Darius Emmanuel Grouch III in Money Plane
8) Business Dave's ez lock to win Giant Bomb's GOTY - Hades 2ez. I currently have Hades at -400 odds.
7) Business Dave's 2020 GOTY - Final Fantasy VII Remake. It now joins Heavy Burger as the only other game to win the honor.
6) The term "superspreader event"
5) Alex is confronted by his gf, Jerry Springer style, on the Bombcast
4) Glizzy - Slang for hot dog.
3) Some good advice
2) Giant Bomb Tracksuit
1) BLACK FRIDAY SALE! Subscriptions on sale and 20% off ALL merch through the end of the month!
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season - see you fools in 2021!
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2020.10.15 22:36 Throwaway20131092 Today was filled with, stuff

Idk where to begin, it was a good and bad day.
I lost my flash drive. Bad.
Lydia waved at me on her way out and I think said something to me as well. Good.
I asked Sam if he wanted to play Apex or Rocket League and he said yes. Good.
He then said he couldn’t because it needed an update. Bad.
There has been other shit in between, oh I replied to one of Shania’s posts, let’s be honest I had to kickstart that. We’ll both kickstart but move it along, I think since booking those tickets I’m starting to give less of a fuck about, everything. Is this good? Anyway, she replied to me, it was nothing much, she posted a picture of some nice flowers and I complimented her on them, she @ed my name and said cheers. The trick is to only really like and start replying tho those posts and not selfies of her, tbh it is kinda depressing that selfies of her get like 14 likes but anything else only gets 3-4, I try and equal it out because I am more interested in who she is, rather than what she looks like. I mean she is attractive, a little on the large side but so am I. I’m really conscious of my weight, and stretch marks and other physical aspects of me, aka I’m pretty sure my dick is just slightly below average which is depressing, not that I care because I only using it for jacking off and at least it helps hide erections, but it’s not big enough for “that’ll do” and it’s too big for those weird people who like tiny dicks, so it’s just disappointing. Anyway, that’s off topic. But she seems to embrace who she is and her size and I gotta admit, I kinda admire that. I hope to interact more with her from this point forward, ofc tho, the only problem is if I do, she eventually find out who I really am. Idk what to do, yet I keep going.
I’m pretty certain Sam deliberately blew me off, tbh I can’t blame him, but I wish, I just wish we had a better relationship. It’s just so hard trying to do everything right, you have to do that all the time to make up for your inevitable mistakes you make but even then it’s not enough. Idk if I still need him, but I still want him to be safe and happy, but in that order. He confuses me, a lot of his actions towards me are contradictory and I am often bewildered and confused. Maybe I’m just a fucking idiot tho. But I wish I could be more honest and open with him, I really want to ask if he meant what he said, about if I had depression our relationship would be over. I think I mentioned it before and while I believe it to be a joke and I think I was meant to take it that way, which I did, there was some underlying truth to it I believe. I haven’t forgotten how he disregarded Ethan, tho they are very different, and same with James, and both of them deal with suicide. Also the way how he seems to be leaving Thomas and everyone else behind, Ik I am on the chopping block. The problem is, when I have to reply it’ll take me at least 10 minutes to come up with a decent reply but he can’t wait that long so normally our text chats are awkward and I get too worried and flustered and often don’t know what to say or do, I no longer feel relaxed when talking to him like that, irl or actual speech talking hasn’t been done in months so idk how I’d handle that. Poorly I’d imagine. Tbh, I feel like he is Hollyhawk and I’m Bojack (season 6 btw), it now only feels like a matter of time till he cuts me out of his life. And tbh, that might be the right decision for him.
I recorded Lydia’s number plate today, as in I typed it as a message and send it to a group chat only I am part of to keep it. I don’t intend to do anything sinister with it, it’s more, if I see the car with that number plate Ik she is probably nearby, a pre-emptive warning if you’d like. I still like her, but I’m pretty sure she thinks nothing of me. I’m just some guy, that’s all. She’s more into this other asshole, idk his name. That glasses guy I talked about before. He seems like a right prick (they always do); why can’t it be easy? Why can’t there be no one else interested in her so it’s easier for me to talk to her and stuff. Why has everything got to be a battle? I have already done my fighting. My fight was meant to be over. I put 10 years into 2 separate people (5 years each) and now they both hate me. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way regret those times, but now I’m just tried of fighting. I want a break, someone to like me for once. Like, Ik I am a cunt and a terrible person, but I have done everything I could of to be good, and everything I do is for the greater good, no matter the ethics or consequences. That is my sole purpose, to do good to the best of my abilities for the people I love. Yet I am in my worst state ever. I’m on a course I hate, my best friend hates me, my only one relationship even more so, my possible future relationship thinks fuck all of me and is swooning over someone else; my family life is going to shit and even video games are more like a job than fun. Even the world went to shit, and I blame almost all this shit on that motherfucking virus, going into 2020, I was a mess but a recoverable one, now I barely make it through each day and I hate myself. I fucking hate myself. I’m just so tired of all this bullshit and shit. Often I just want to escape to my dreams; I just want to fucking die. I cannot live with the guilt of what I have done, who I am, the possible shit I might do in the future, all the shit and harm I’ve caused for everyone that is exclusively all on me and I fucking failed, like, at everything, I couldn’t even finish chapter fucking 2 of my book because I hit a wall and didn’t know what to do. I just see my life from now, full of pain, regret, suffering; boring work and loneliness. Do I want that? Why would I want that? Who the fuck would want that? Working jobs we hate for shit we don’t need. You know who said that? Tyler Durdan. And you know who he reminds me of? My father who I am currently considering cutting out of my life because I see too much of me in him. He is a scary fucking dude, it’s rare I feel comfortable around him or anything; tbh, a lot of this shit could be put on him. Him leaving fucked everyone up, especially me. Then I also have his autism too which as complete fucked yo my life and everything. I fucking hate it. I’m just so fucking pissed at everything and everyone. I try so hard to be good, yet all I get is shit and the worst part? I deserve that shit. Because I am a horrible cunt of a person. And that is the truth.
I really want to fucking die.
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2020.10.12 18:48 wimpykidfan37 Yo Mama So Fat Jokes Deluxe (not in any order)

  1. Yo mama so fat, when she gets on an elevator, she can only go down.
  2. Yo mama so fat she has to wear one watch for each time zone she's in.
  3. Yo mama so fat her belt size is Arctic Circle.
  4. Yo mama so fat she had to get baptized in the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Yo mama so fat her glass eye has a goldfish in it.
  6. Yo mama so fat, she measures 36-24-36, and the other leg is just as big.
  7. Yo mama so fat her cereal bowl has a lifeguard.
  8. Yo mama so fat she can't even jump to conclusions.
  9. Yo mama so fat, every time she turns around, people throw her a "Welcome Back" party.
  10. Yo mama so fat, when she went missing, they put her picture on a milk truck.
  11. Yo mama so fat her lowrider used to be a monster truck.
  12. Yo mama so fat her blood type is gravy.
  13. Yo mama so fat her boot size is Italy.
  14. Yo mama so fat I can't believe she's not butter.
  15. Yo mama so fat, when it rains, she uses freeway exits as slip-n-slides.
  16. Yo mama so fat, when I thought about her, the picture in my head broke my neck.
  17. Yo mama so fat, when she talks to herself, it's a long distance call.
  18. Yo mama so fat, when I saw her standing on a scale sucking in her stomach, I told her it wouldn't help, and she said, "Yes it will! Now I can see the numbers!"
  19. Yo mama so fat the horse on her polo shirt is real.
  20. Yo mama so fat, when she put on a pair of BVD's, they said "Boulevard".
  21. Yo mama so fat she got stuck in air. I don't understand it either.
  22. Yo mama so fat, when she fell in love, she broke it.
  23. Yo mama so fat the police use her as a roadblock.
  24. Yo mama so fat, when she died, she single-handedly ended world hunger.
  25. Yo mama so fat, when she attended Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat put her in all four houses.
  26. Yo mama so fat she has euros in one pocket and yen in the other.
  27. Yo mama so fat the ringbearer at her wedding was Saturn.
  28. Yo mama so fat her sandals used to be high heels.
  29. Yo mama so fat, when Burger King said she could have her burger done "her way", the cattle species went extinct.
  30. Yo mama so fat, when she went to the beach, Greenpeace tried to put her back into the ocean.
  31. Yo mama so fat she starred in Titanic as "The Iceberg".
  32. Yo mama so fat, when she stepped in a puddle, it caused a tsunami.
  33. Yo mama so fat, when she sat on a roll of 40 quarters, it turned into a 10-dollar bill.
  34. Yo mama so fat, when she went to KFC and someone asked her which sized bucket she wanted, she said, "The one on the pole outside".
  35. Yo mama so fat, she would have been in ET, but when she rode her bike past the sunset, she caused an eclipse.
  36. Yo mama so fat she has to iron her pants on the driveway.
  37. Yo mama so fat, when she regains consciousness in boxing on Wii Sports, she doesn't get up.
  38. Yo mama so fat the only thing stopping her from getting into McDonald's is the door.
  39. Yo mama so fat she only knows two letters of the alphabet: A & W.
  40. Yo mama so fat she takes panoramic selfies.
  41. Yo mama so fat she runs out of breath when she breathes.
  42. Yo mama so fat her ID card photo says "Continued on back".
  43. Yo mama so fat, when she goes to the movies, she sits beside everyone.
  44. Yo mama so fat, when Woody asked how much she weighed, Buzz Lightyear said, "To infinity and beyond!"
  45. Yo mama so fat the only exercise she gets is chasing the ice cream truck.
  46. Yo mama so fat she has to wear striped clothes for you to tell if she's walking or rolling.
  47. Yo mama so fat, when she walked past the television, I missed three movies.
  48. Yo mama so fat, when she stepped on a scale, it said, "One at a time, please!"
  49. Yo mama so fat, she fills up the tub, and then she turn on the tap.
  50. Yo mama so fat, when she walks backwards, her beeper goes off.
  51. Yo mama so fat, when she went to Japan, everyone thought she was Godzilla.
  52. Yo mama so fat her shadow weighs 100 pounds.
  53. Yo mama so fat she starred in Raider of the Lost Ark as "The Boulder".
  54. Yo mama so fat, when she got on stage to tell jokes, the audience wasn't laughing but the stage was cracking up.
  55. Yo mama so fat the last time she saw 90210 was when she stepped on a scale.
  56. Yo mama so fat her baby pictures had to be aerials.
  57. Yo mama so fat she uses cheat codes for Wii Fit.
  58. Yo mama so fat, when I tried to drive around her, I ran out of gas.
  59. Yo mama so fat people jog around her for exercise.
  60. Yo mama so fat not even Dora can explore her.
  61. Yo mama so fat she gets group insurance.
  62. Yo mama so fat, when she sat in a tree, she made paper.
  63. Yo mama so fat she fell out of both sides of bed at the same time.
  64. Yo mama so fat her farts are a leading cause of global warming.
  65. Yo mama so fat, when she got his by a truck, she said, "Who threw that paper airplane?"
  66. Yo mama so fat, when she wears a yellow raincoat, kids say, "Yay, the school bus is here!"
  67. Yo mama so fat, when I sat behind her on Splash Mountain, I got off dry.
  68. Yo mama so fat she doesn't know how to tie her shoes.
  69. Yo mama so fat, when she goes camping, bears hide there food.
  70. Yo mama so fat, when she stepped in a puddle, NASA found water on Mars.
  71. Yo mama so fat, when she stepped on a scale, it said, "I want your weight, not your phone number with the area code."
  72. Yo mama so fat her chair said, "I quit."
  73. Yo mama so fat, when she goes to In-n-Out, she can't get in or out.
  74. Yo mama so fat her diet pill has a lowercase M on it.
  75. Yo mama so fat the army stole her underwear to use as a parachute.
  76. Yo mama so fat her belly button has an echo.
  77. Yo mama so fat, when she plays hopscotch, she says, "New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey..."
  78. Yo mama so fat her Minecraft avatar is circular.
  79. Yo mama so fat, when she made a Facebook account, the website crashed.
  80. Yo mama so fat Jesus couldn't lift her spirits.
  81. Yo mama so fat her bra cup size is satellite dish.
  82. Yo mama so fat her belly button arrives home an hour before she does.
  83. Yo mama so fat, when God said, "Let there be light," he was telling her to move out of the way.
  84. Yo mama so fat she can't clap her hands.
  85. Yo mama so fat, when she went to the zoo, the elephants sang "We are Family".
  86. Yo mama so fat her clothes have stretch marks.
  87. Yo mama so fat she needs a boomerang to put on her belt.
  88. Yo mama so fat, when she climbed a mountain in an orange jumpsuit, people thought the sun was rising.
  89. Yo mama so fat Yoda couldn't lift her with the Force.
  90. Yo mama so fat she has a recurring role in the Call of Duty games as "The Map".
  91. Yo mama so fat she eats pumpkin pies as Skittles.
  92. Yo mama so fat her cells are bigger than you.
  93. Yo mama so fat, when she died, she dragged heaven down to hell.
  94. Yo mama so fat, when she walks across the room, she has to make two trips.
  95. Yo mama so fat, when she dances at a concert, the band skips.
  96. Yo mama so fat, she doesn't have a gynecologist, she has a groundskeeper.
  97. Yo mama so fat construction crews use her as a wrecking ball.
  98. Yo mama so fat she uses the continent of Africa as her tanning bed.
  99. Yo mama so fat, instead of lint, her belly button has sweaters.
  100. Yo mama so fat, she can't even fit in this Reddit post.
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2020.10.11 23:33 legendarplayz Number game I have nothing to hide do your worst

The numbers game (text version for the weekend)
The numbers game thingy
Yo guys I made "the numbers game" in a text format so we could do it in the weekends too!

The Basics:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Where are you from
  6. Zodiac Sign
  7. First Name
  8. Last Name
  9. Middle Name
  10. Birthday
  11. Main Language(s)

Hobbies/Favorite things:

  1. Favorite Color
  2. Favorite Food
  3. Favorite Activity
  4. Favorite Music genre
  5. Favorite Artist
  6. Favorite Song
  7. Favorite Movie
  8. Favorite Video Game (if any)
  9. Favorite TV show
  10. Do you play any sports
  11. Last thing you did


  1. Do you currently have a job
  2. Future Job/CareeAmbitions
  3. Have you drank/smoked anything
  4. Have you done drugs
  5. Do you have any pets
  6. Most Favorable Memory
  7. Most embarrassing moment
  8. Dream Vacation
  9. How many Family members
  10. How many friends
  11. Do you plan on going to college/university

Social Media:

  1. Do you use any other social media then Reddit
  2. Who do you follow
  3. Have you ever had an Internet argument
  4. Most used Social Media app
  5. What's your username on each app
  6. Have you met any friends online
  7. Do you follow any NSFW accounts/pages
  8. Last Person you DM'd/followed
  9. What was the last message you sent
  10. How many followers/friends on social media
  11. Amount of time you use social media

Personal Belongings:

  1. Most expensive thing you own
  2. Do you own anything above $1,000
  3. Most prized possession
  4. Do you own anything embarrassing
  5. Weirdest thing you own
  6. Do you own anything popular
  7. Do you own anything considered "rich"
  8. Do you own anything futuristic
  9. Coolest thing you own
  10. Oldest thing you own
  11. What did you buy/get recently


  1. Hair Style
  2. Halr Length
  3. Hair Color
  4. Nice
  5. Body Style
  6. Ethnicity
  7. What are you wearing
  8. Eye Color
  9. Are you wearing makeup
  10. Type of Underwear you wear
  11. Favorite outfit
  12. Facial/Body Hair


  1. Sexuality
  2. Relationship Status
  3. Who is your crush
  4. Celebrity Crush
  5. Have you ever cheated on someone
  6. Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  7. Idea of Perfect Date
  8. Have you asked someone out
  9. What do you hope in a relationship
  10. Are you interested in anyone
  11. Do you real life/online date

Sex & Sexuality:

  1. Are you a virgin
  2. Have you ever seen anyone naked
  3. Do you have piercing/tattoos
  4. Have you ever had same-sex expirence
  5. Have you ever sent a nude
  6. Have you ever sexted
  7. Have you ever kissed anyone
  8. Am I aftractIve
  9. Have you ever slept together
  10. Do you want to have sex
  11. Are you straight bi. gay/lesbian. pan, etc.

Sexual: (Welcome to Spicy Town)

  1. Bra/Dick size
  2. Pubic Hair: Natural, trimmed shaved none
  3. Do you have any body hair
  4. (Guys Only) Are you Circumcised
  5. How often you Masturbate
  6. Have you ever watched porn
  7. Ideal Sexual/Physical attributes
  8. Favorite Sexual Fantasy
  9. Turn Ons/Turn Offs
  10. Any Kinks
  11. Ideal Sexual Position
  12. How do you masturbate
  13. Do you own a toy
  14. Have you ever been caught Masturbating
  15. Have you ever walked in when someone was having sex
  16. Biggest fears of Sex
  17. Do you have any STDs
  18. How often are you horny
  19. Most embarrassing sexual story
  20. Are you currently horny
  21. What do you expect in a sexual relationship


  1. Where do you go to school
  2. What classes do you take
  3. What grade are you in
  4. Most favorite teacher
  5. Least favorite teachers
  6. Highest Grade/Lowest Grade in classes
  7. How long is your school day
  8. Did you do your homework
  9. Do you have any tests, quizzes or exams coming up
  10. Last bad grade
  11. Last good grade

Economic Status/Wealth:

132: Are you rich/poor
  1. Where do you stand in the wealth class (working class, wealth owner class)
  2. How big is your house
  3. Take a picture of your house
  4. How much do your parents make
  5. Do your parents struggle with debt
  6. Do you own a pool (above ground/below ground)
  7. Do you live in a gated neighborhood
  8. Do you have expensive stuff
  9. How big is your room
  10. What kind of school do you go to


  1. Send a selfie
  2. Do whatever I say (no saying no)
  3. DM me
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2020.10.11 20:55 littlelaz44 The numbers game (text version for the weekend)

The numbers game thingy
Yo guys I made "the numbers game" in a text format so we could do it in the weekends too!

The Basics:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Where are you from
  6. Zodiac Sign
  7. First Name
  8. Last Name
  9. Middle Name
  10. Birthday
  11. Main Language(s)

Hobbies/Favorite things:

  1. Favorite Color
  2. Favorite Food
  3. Favorite Activity
  4. Favorite Music genre
  5. Favorite Artist
  6. Favorite Song
  7. Favorite Movie
  8. Favorite Video Game (if any)
  9. Favorite TV show
  10. Do you play any sports
  11. Last thing you did


  1. Do you currently have a job
  2. Future Job/CareeAmbitions
  3. Have you drank/smoked anything
  4. Have you done drugs
  5. Do you have any pets
  6. Most Favorable Memory
  7. Most embarrassing moment
  8. Dream Vacation
  9. How many Family members
  10. How many friends
  11. Do you plan on going to college/university

Social Media:

  1. Do you use any other social media then Reddit
  2. Who do you follow
  3. Have you ever had an Internet argument
  4. Most used Social Media app
  5. What's your username on each app
  6. Have you met any friends online
  7. Do you follow any NSFW accounts/pages
  8. Last Person you DM'd/followed
  9. What was the last message you sent
  10. How many followers/friends on social media
  11. Amount of time you use social media

Personal Belongings:

  1. Most expensive thing you own
  2. Do you own anything above $1,000
  3. Most prized possession
  4. Do you own anything embarrassing
  5. Weirdest thing you own
  6. Do you own anything popular
  7. Do you own anything considered "rich"
  8. Do you own anything futuristic
  9. Coolest thing you own
  10. Oldest thing you own
  11. What did you buy/get recently


  1. Hair Style
  2. Halr Length
  3. Hair Color
  4. Nice
  5. Body Style
  6. Ethnicity
  7. What are you wearing
  8. Eye Color
  9. Are you wearing makeup
  10. Type of Underwear you wear
  11. Favorite outfit
  12. Facial/Body Hair


  1. Sexuality
  2. Relationship Status
  3. Who is your crush
  4. Celebrity Crush
  5. Have you ever cheated on someone
  6. Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  7. Idea of Perfect Date
  8. Have you asked someone out
  9. What do you hope in a relationship
  10. Are you interested in anyone
  11. Do you real life/online date

Sex & Sexuality:

  1. Are you a virgin
  2. Have you ever seen anyone naked
  3. Do you have piercing/tattoos
  4. Have you ever had same-sex expirence
  5. Have you ever sent a nude
  6. Have you ever sexted
  7. Have you ever kissed anyone
  8. Am I aftractIve
  9. Have you ever slept together
  10. Do you want to have sex
  11. Are you straight bi. gay/lesbian. pan, etc.

Sexual: (Welcome to Spicy Town)

  1. Bra/Dick size
  2. Pubic Hair: Natural, trimmed shaved none
  3. Do you have any body hair
  4. (Guys Only) Are you Circumcised
  5. How often you Masturbate
  6. Have you ever watched porn
  7. Ideal Sexual/Physical attributes
  8. Favorite Sexual Fantasy
  9. Turn Ons/Turn Offs
  10. Any Kinks
  11. Ideal Sexual Position
  12. How do you masturbate
  13. Do you own a toy
  14. Have you ever been caught Masturbating
  15. Have you ever walked in when someone was having sex
  16. Biggest fears of Sex
  17. Do you have any STDs
  18. How often are you horny
  19. Most embarrassing sexual story
  20. Are you currently horny
  21. What do you expect in a sexual relationship


  1. Where do you go to school
  2. What classes do you take
  3. What grade are you in
  4. Most favorite teacher
  5. Least favorite teachers
  6. Highest Grade/Lowest Grade in classes
  7. How long is your school day
  8. Did you do your homework
  9. Do you have any tests, quizzes or exams coming up
  10. Last bad grade
  11. Last good grade

Economic Status/Wealth:

132: Are you rich/poor
  1. Where do you stand in the wealth class (working class, wealth owner class)
  2. How big is your house
  3. Take a picture of your house
  4. How much do your parents make
  5. Do your parents struggle with debt
  6. Do you own a pool (above ground/below ground)
  7. Do you live in a gated neighborhood
  8. Do you have expensive stuff
  9. How big is your room
  10. What kind of school do you go to


  1. Send a selfie
  2. Do whatever I say (no saying no)
  3. DM me
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2020.10.11 20:15 littlelaz44 The numbers game thingy

The numbers game thingy
Yo guys I made "the numbers game" in a text format so we could do it in the weekends too!

The Basics:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Where are you from
  6. Zodiac Sign
  7. First Name
  8. Last Name
  9. Middle Name
  10. Birthday
  11. Main Language(s)

Hobbies/Favorite things:

  1. Favorite Color
  2. Favorite Food
  3. Favorite Activity
  4. Favorite Music genre
  5. Favorite Artist
  6. Favorite Song
  7. Favorite Movie
  8. Favorite Video Game (if any)
  9. Favorite TV show
  10. Do you play any sports
  11. Last thing you did


  1. Do you currently have a job
  2. Future Job/CareeAmbitions
  3. Have you drank/smoked anything
  4. Have you done drugs
  5. Do you have any pets
  6. Most Favorable Memory
  7. Most embarrassing moment
  8. Dream Vacation
  9. How many Family members
  10. How many friends
  11. Do you plan on going to college/university

Social Media:

  1. Do you use any other social media then Reddit
  2. Who do you follow
  3. Have you ever had an Internet argument
  4. Most used Social Media app
  5. What's your username on each app
  6. Have you met any friends online
  7. Do you follow any NSFW accounts/pages
  8. Last Person you DM'd/followed
  9. What was the last message you sent
  10. How many followers/friends on social media
  11. Amount of time you use social media

Personal Belongings:

  1. Most expensive thing you own
  2. Do you own anything above $1,000
  3. Most prized possession
  4. Do you own anything embarrassing
  5. Weirdest thing you own
  6. Do you own anything popular
  7. Do you own anything considered "rich"
  8. Do you own anything futuristic
  9. Coolest thing you own
  10. Oldest thing you own
  11. What did you buy/get recently


  1. Hair Style
  2. Halr Length
  3. Hair Color
  4. Nice
  5. Body Style
  6. Ethnicity
  7. What are you wearing
  8. Eye Color
  9. Are you wearing makeup
  10. Type of Underwear you wear
  11. Favorite outfit
  12. Facial/Body Hair


  1. Sexuality
  2. Relationship Status
  3. Who is your crush
  4. Celebrity Crush
  5. Have you ever cheated on someone
  6. Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend
  7. Idea of Perfect Date
  8. Have you asked someone out
  9. What do you hope in a relationship
  10. Are you interested in anyone
  11. Do you real life/online date

Sex & Sexuality:

  1. Are you a virgin
  2. Have you ever seen anyone naked
  3. Do you have piercing/tattoos
  4. Have you ever had same-sex expirence
  5. Have you ever sent a nude
  6. Have you ever sexted
  7. Have you ever kissed anyone
  8. Am I aftractIve
  9. Have you ever slept together
  10. Do you want to have sex
  11. Are you straight bi. gay/lesbian. pan, etc.

Sexual: (Welcome to Spicy Town)

  1. Bra/Dick size
  2. Pubic Hair: Natural, trimmed shaved none
  3. Do you have any body hair
  4. (Guys Only) Are you Circumcised
  5. How often you Masturbate
  6. Have you ever watched porn
  7. Ideal Sexual/Physical attributes
  8. Favorite Sexual Fantasy
  9. Turn Ons/Turn Offs
  10. Any Kinks
  11. Ideal Sexual Position
  12. How do you masturbate
  13. Do you own a toy
  14. Have you ever been caught Masturbating
  15. Have you ever walked in when someone was having sex
  16. Biggest fears of Sex
  17. Do you have any STDs
  18. How often are you horny
  19. Most embarrassing sexual story
  20. Are you currently horny
  21. What do you expect in a sexual relationship


  1. Where do you go to school
  2. What classes do you take
  3. What grade are you in
  4. Most favorite teacher
  5. Least favorite teachers
  6. Highest Grade/Lowest Grade in classes
  7. How long is your school day
  8. Did you do your homework
  9. Do you have any tests, quizzes or exams coming up
  10. Last bad grade
  11. Last good grade

Economic Status/Wealth:

132: Are you rich/poor
  1. Where do you stand in the wealth class (working class, wealth owner class)
  2. How big is your house
  3. Take a picture of your house
  4. How much do your parents make
  5. Do your parents struggle with debt
  6. Do you own a pool (above ground/below ground)
  7. Do you live in a gated neighborhood
  8. Do you have expensive stuff
  9. How big is your room
  10. What kind of school do you go to


  1. Send a selfie
  2. Do whatever I say (no saying no)
  3. DM me
  4. Ask whatever you want (I can't say no)
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2020.10.01 01:38 Alive019 I have lost all my hope for human interaction.

I'm posting this here because it's about human relationships and I've just given up on them. I know I'm gonna sound like an edgy 14 yo but right now I don't care. I have no hope left for humanity and relationships. All people can do is hurt each other. I'm just so exhausted. I feel empty inside. My "friends" haven't contacted me in weeks. My family doesn't get me, neither do I want them to know how sad I am because I don't want them to feel bad. I love them a lot but my loneliness and sadness is just something I don't want them to worry about.
I have a girlfriend yeah. But our relationship is more toxic than the fucking reactor in chernobyl. She's a fucking narcissist who's reaction to conflict is running away. With a family of racist narcissist who's favorite hobby is hurting each other. She's so selfish, she doesn't even ask me how I am feeling some days. The laat time she did something for our relationship was months ago. She makes fun of me when I tell her about my dreams. She gets annoyed if I get emotional. And she just stops talking to me when I'm upset at her because "I know I was wrong but I can't take it when you're upset".
And why I can't I break up because I have no one else. She's the only person who paradoxically even gives a shit about me.
Me, oh yeah I'm a paranoid, self sabotaging, self hating ball of untreated anxiety disorder. I hate conflict, I hate being left alone and did I mention my big abandonment issues.
I just feel so alone. I have no one, the people who are supposed to be close to me don't give a shit about me. People only talk to me or care for me when I can do something for them. And I pretend like I don't care to hurt less. When all I want is just someone who actually cares about me.
I'm 19 and I've felt this way since I was 12. For the last 7 years I've tried everything I can to make people stay with me to care about me. Jumped the social hoops, taken selfies, been to parties, linked up and all that shit. But at the end of it I'm still alone. Just so alone. And for some fucking reason I've never even wanted to kill myself.
I kept hoping, it's gonna be better the next time. Well it's been 7 years when the fuck will it get better.
Why does this pain never end? When will I just be happy? I'm so tired of being alone and crying to myself everyday. I really want someone to love em and care about me but I just have no hope or expectation left for human interaction anymore.
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2020.09.01 08:17 zapperwippersnapper Ok It's Time for my...Annual *Pre-Burning Man Rant and Predictions!!

Ok It's Time for my . . . Annual Pre-Burning Man Rant and Predictions!!!
After 22+ years of attendance, I have watched this festival go from what was described by Wired Magazine in 1997 as, "what the internet would be like if it was happening in reality" to 2020 where, "What? In reality, this festival is happening on the internet" ?!? What a serious head fuck . . .
So strap in or strap on and get ready for disappointment . . . like virtually everything in this virtual world right now.
Here goes this year's Virtual Rant!
The Virtual Burn is going the be everything you think it could be . . . an underwhelming and depressing reminder that you are not going the real Burning Man this year.
While it is still better than nothing, nothing is an extremely low bar. Get ready for a clusterfuck of 8 separately-produced interpretive video game dreamscapes, made by skilled teams of programmers eager to prove that their world-building technology will be able to make future financial investors a shitload of money.
Burning Man 2021 is a 50/50 chance at best. 2022 is not looking that great either. Between The Org burning cash on side projects, the FEDs wanting to crack down hard and the Bureau of Land Management clearly pretty fucking stoked that they did not have to deal with the whole shitshow this year, it's going to be an uphill battle for the festival to return.
Huge changes will need to be made.
Those few gluttons for punishment who do decide to go to the playa this week will be treated to Burning Man without the Burning Man Experience.
It will take all the hard work, organization and preparation for survival in the middle of a harsh desert environment for a week of Burning Man . . . just without the Burning Man.
If there is one silver lining of the event not happening this year, it's the fact that I don't have to pack up my dust covered Burning Man bullshit from last year, drive 19 hours, then have to smuggle drugs inside my ass to make it past the BLM rangers just go camping in one of the most fucking miserable and inhospitable places on earth.
Without Shirtcockers, Megaphones and Massive Thumping Soundsystems, it's just a bogus camping trip in bad weather with a shitload of cops.
This year we will NOT be seeing the usual post-Burn MASSSIVE FLOOD of social media posts from Burners who lost their nice $60 water bottle/container somewhere on the playa, often accompanied by a story of why this particular water container was of importance because it has a strap on it, followed by a brief description of unique camps stickers on it and a photo of said missing water bottle/container. In fact, while we are starting to think about cutting costs -- How about lost and found stops giving a fuck about your overpriced water bottle. You lost it, Becky . . . let it go. You spent 20 times More Money on Cocaine for the week than the price of your fucking stoopid-Smart-Bottle-container.
This year’s Virtual Burn brings about more questions than it does answers.
How will Shirtcockers express their hatred of pants without a Burning Man? In a virtual world, they become no different than unsolicited dick pics.
How will Artcar Owners be able to swing their metaphorical dicks around without their Artcars booming Deep House music to show the world their girth. Sure, you can build one in the Minecraft world for this years Burn . . .But lets face it: No one is gonna be like "Who did that 3D CAD drawing, I totally wanna fuck them!"
What will all the Assholes with Megaphones do without Burners to heckle?
Without handheld amplified audio devices and wide-open spaces, they become no different than Internet Trolls.
How will Hippies on a Vision Quest be able find their spirit animal online? Without a guided shamanic ritual and Temple to burn, they become no different than someone playing Animal Crossing.
If there is no moop or trash to clean up in a virtual Burning Man how can Moop-shamers be able to prove to campmates and others that they are better at "doing Burning Man " than everyone else? In a virtual world they become no different than a Sarah McLaughlin Green Peace commercial.
How will Dooshbonnets and Dooshbags be able to gain followers on Instagram without the giant Robot Heart to climb?
How can they show the world that they not only have braved the pool of Piranhas chomping for position for line, negotiated past the all-seeing and all-knowing doorgirl with a clipboard, proving that they have climbed both the social and physical ladder to reach the top of the Robot Heart, so that they may look down upon the lowly dancefloor with both spite and pity for the unwashed masses who where not able achieve such greatness.
Without this accomplishment, they become no different than average Twitter users vying for Celebrity attention.
How will Burning Man DJs be able to disappoint us with poorly executed timing and bullshit Michael Jackson remixes? Without huge Soundsystems to bang out the worst in modern electronic music, DJs just become . . . The SAME TERRIBLE DJs just now on Twitch! #playatech #Djstreaming #Djsofburningman
Although each Virtual World must have been an amazing feat of programming in its scope and size, it kinda feels like a huge project that was done in a short amount of time. None of the Eight Worlds, in any way, reflect the typical Burning Man experience.
However, there are a few non-official super realistic Burning Man simulators out there.
By far the most realistic experience has to be the "Getting Out More This Year" Simulator.
The player is welcomed to a rich and tangible 3D World of Chris's DopeAss 70s RV, which is camped way out on 4:30 and H, where your avatar can spend all day and all night doing fun things like Ketamine, or other colorful interactive game play such as snorting Ketamine, and even interact with the virtual Chris’s chat box and watch his avatar do Ketamine.
Other game play options include doing Ketamine, talking about doing Ketamine and also doing Ketamine.
The more days and nights spent doing Ketamine, the higher the score! If you want to experience what a typical Burner really does the whole week, than this one is for you!!
Then we have: "Let's Go Party" . . . the online multi-player game where the objective is to get your group of more than 6 Burners to try and leave camp, and all go out to party together.
I did not have much fun playing. I was never able to leave the front of camp. 14 hours of game play later, Brenda still needs to go back for chapstick and Ricky can’t find his bag of blow. Then once Brenda arrives ready, Kaleporia is cold and needs a scarf. Darkwad David is going back to get some blinky lights for the 3rd time. Now Timmy can't find his cigarettes . . . Fuck.
“ManBun Boyfriend”. In this first person POV game, you (the ManBun) has little to no control within the game, with only a single "Ok, Sure" button to navigate within the world. The game play opens as the player is dragged out of bed at 6 AM by the onscreen girlfriend who takes you (the ManBun) on an treacherous journey of sunrise yoga classes, self help lectures, think and grow rich seminars, yoga, positive affirmation workshops, mindful guided mediations, yoga, healing arts ceremonies, wellness and well-being talks, yoga, vegan lifestyle in the new age conferences, yoga, mindful-and-wellness-group-chat and also yoga.
Extra points if you can score a selfie in front of the Giant BELIEVE letters!!
After 8 grueling hours of game play, it simply flashes a screen where girlfriend says "I'm Tired", and the “ManBun Boyfriend” simulator then restarts game play to opening sequence.
“DJs Girlfriend”. This simulation offers a similar experience to “ManBun Boyfriend”. However, in this first person POV game, you (the DJs Girlfriend) is invited to Follow "Dj GlockTrigger" on a dubstep-and-monster-energy-drink-filled adventure as you (the DJs Girlfriend) is rushed from empty dancefloor to empty dancefloor, while picking up extra points if you can find him a "line of blow". After 12 hours of game play the screen flashes "Hey babe I'm gonna go drink with the boyies" and game play is reset.
I am not that great at finance. Obviously. I’ve been to Burning Man 22 times. That should tell you enough about my poor financial / life choices.
But even this burnout Burner can do the math and see that the Burning Man Org is in financial trouble.
Burning Man may need to sell out to save itself. It would not be the first time..
Burning Man "sold out" to the PsyTrance community in 1997. To help ticket sales, the Bay Area was flooded with seriously lame underproduced Rave flyers. Or maybe Dr. Dre can toss in a few million to keep The Org afloat once again.
Or hey why don't we start tickling Elon Musk's balls again, and see if we can start choking on his shaft in return for some sweet corporate demon semen sponsorship.
The Org has already gone pinky finger deep with him. Like when Tesla brought out a full-on Electric Car Expo. That's right, in 2007, at Burning Man, right at fucking Esplanade & 9:00, they had what can only be described as an “anonymous car dealership” from “the green future”, complete with lengthy-worded displays filled with lofty promises of clean energy, infused with subtle corporate propaganda.
In the center of the exhibit sat a life-size solid black plastic model Tesla car.
As well as someone on guard 24/7 to make sure no one tagged or fucked with the stoopid thing. I personally got chased out for drawing a dick in the DUST on the window! All I know is they should have burnt it down or blew it up by the end of the week, but that lame ass mother fucker was still there on Sunday when I journeyed back to draw a dick on it again -- this time with a PAINT PEN. After executing a perfect fat-sacked-choad-headed-donger on the hood, I was once again chased out by rangers, this time with pitchforks screaming bloody murder for my head!!
Fuck you, Ranger Doug! You will never be able to prove that was Me!!!
So Look, it's not the first time The Org spread its asscheeks for a little bit of corporate dick on the side. They also bent over back in 2013 and let Mark Fucking Zuckerberg bring a Giant Golden 'LIKE' sculpture out there. I just hope they did the right thing by the end of week and it was killed with fire.
SO we know The Org is corporateBiCurious. Time to snuggle up, get out of the corporate cocksucking closet and cash in on the fact that this place sold out a long time ago.
Start flirting with attractive corporate entities like Mark Z, the Google Boys, Elon, Tommy Boy from Myspace, or maybe even P-Diddy to toss in some cash to get this fucking party started again!
Yo, Elon! How can we have Burning Man on Mars in 2050 as planned, if we can’t keep it going on Earth for the next 30 years?
At this point, The Org can spread their legs in the backseat of that Tesla and change next years theme to Space-X. I could give a FUCK!!!!! As long as we can keep Old Naked Dudes On Bikes rolling free.
Let some of these cocksucking limpdick corporations like Doritos -- who have already profited from using our Artcars and culture in a their fabricated commercials -- actually fucking pay us money and we will let them shoot a real commercial out there. Have fun pixelating the nipples out of the background actors. I COULD GIVE A FUCK as long as Shirtcockers have a natural habitat to dongslap and roam free. Let Brazzers.com build the Temple! I sincerely really don't care what they do . . . as long as Assholes with Megaphones have wide open spaces to heckle Burners in the Black Rock Desert like GOD intended.
Maybe The Org will stop fisting themselves in the burnhole with all the Cultural-Direction-Bullshit and get down to brass tax here.
They have spent years trying to market the festival as a family-friendly-non-offensive-all-inclusive-experience for the suburban upperclass while still catering to the super elite.
We need The Org to provide the DPW and Tickets . . .
Not for Cultural Direction, or Large Scale Art Funding Circle Jerks, Abstract Charity Causes, International Involvement, or any of the Meaningless Feel-Good Propaganda tools they use to control the image of the festival!
The number one focus from here on out needs to be the festival itself taking place once again in Black Rock City!
This defacto-defunding of The Org is a blessing. Look, when it comes down to it, it's not about the lame fucking themes each year. It's about the Burners who come and contribute to the festival that makes it special.
It’s not about overpriced art grants, or Rich-Dick Theme Camp placement priorities. It about the shitty unofficial un-themed camp at 7:00 and J blaring Discotrance music on a distorted soundsystem while giving away room temperature margaritas!
I could give a fuck about all of the elaborate expensive blinking bullshit! Cuts cost! Make the Burning Man effigy from toothpicks for all I give a fuck. None of that shit really matters. The spirit of Burning Man is in the person giving away ice cream from a cooler out in deep playa on a hot afternoon.
The soul of the festival is in Old Naked Dudes on a Bikes rolling free across the desert!
The heart of the festival is the Nightmare Hippy Chick on Acid rolling around in the dust, screaming about her spirit vegetable.
Believe me if The Org had its way, Burning Man would be nothing but Transformational Mediation Seminars, Yoga Classes, Ultra Overpriced Sculptures, and TED talks about how to get rich quick selling a new type of investment portfolio.
I am perfectly happy with the crappy bars and half-assed theme camps that are there just to have a good time. We don't need The Org's unique brand of new age capital-elitism bullshit.
They have clearly dropped the ball on the Cultural Direction for years, and the less they steer the ship, the better, cuz we have already washed up on the rocks.
“Top 10 Burning Man Pictures You Must See To Believe!”
And once clicked, sure enough it’s nothing but a bunch of super basic-ass photos of some super-hot-Coachella-swinger-couple at sunset in front of the most gentrified “OMG I need to get a selfie in front that to show my followers on Instagram” artwork on the playa.
You already know exactly where these fucksticks took the stoopid photo is front of, OF fucking course it's in front of the BELIEVE letters. It’s Basically the "live, laugh, love" of playa art.
Really, I won't believe this ?!
What I won't believe is that their relationship is going to last beyond next week . . . cuz there’s a 90% chance they are gonna join the wrong gangbang at the Orgy Dome and suddenly someone is not happy about the amount of buttfucking the other one received.
Thanks Business Insider Magazine for exposing the public to the wild and crazy world that is Burning Man. Now every fucking Chad and Becky from Wall Street is trying to come here to get laid. "Bro if I was there I would bang so many Hot Chicks on top of those letters" . . . "OMG I LOVE those Letters!! We are SOOO going to Burning Man to meet our future husbands <3."
How about 10 REAL photos you won’t believe?
Too bad the cameras weren’t there to snap a picture of the guy who took a shower with a fat chick and midget porn star!
It’s a shame no one from the Daily Mail UK was there to catch video of the guy who was tripping his nuts off and could not figure out how to unlock the door of the porta-potty -- escaping only by busting through the plastic roof and climbing out the top several hours later.
Or how about that chick at the meditation camp that was able to summon a higher power of consciousness and transcended the spacetime continuum for a short/infinite amount of time!
Where the fuck was BoredPanda.com to catch a photo of the person who was hit with a rubber dildo when it was carelessly thrown from the top of the Space Pirate ship into the Mayan Warrior crowd.
Now That’s some real stuff that happens out there that I would be happy to clickbait on!
The Large Scale Art:
Instead of funding massive installations that end up being resold to casinos on the Las Vegas strip, why not treat them like large Rich-Dick Theme Camps -- give the Installation Artists 200 DGS Tickets, and in return, these assholes will be happy to spend shitloads of money on blinky light towers or whatever, just so they can lock in those sweet sweet reserved tickets for themselves and their friends.
The Tone:
The Utopian Blinkylight Dreamscape has been cool for the past 16 years . . . Buuuut . . . it has gradually fallen out of touch with the world around us.
For far too long, The Org has ignored camps or underfunded art that could be perceived as dark or controversial in any way, shape or form.
Yet again, another example of their Cultural Direction Tactics to market Burning Man as a blinky-light-mickey-mouse-Epcot-Center for wealthy-business-insiders-and-celebrities featuring a safespace-family-oriented-wholesome-body-wellness-green-living-environment for social-media-influencer-photo-shoots.
Burning Man has NEVER been a Safe place!
In 1998, I witnessed a beheading by guillotine at the Opera Performance that was so realistic I spent the next 5 hours (still frying balls on acid!) convinced that Billy Graham was right about this place being a Satanic death cult that would bring about the end of the world.
If the Barbie Death Camp incident at last years’ Burn taught us anything, it is that there clearly need to be risky and controversial works of art at the festival.
We can't be having pussy-footed Australians throwing temper tantrums like little punk bitches CUZ they don't like the way someone put Barbie Dolls inside an oven!
Why did that do-good-koala-humping-limpdick-ASS-licker think it was OK? Well . . .The Org has shoved the narrative that Burning Man is strictly "good vibes only" down our fucking throats so deep that we finally gagged from it.
Why the fuck was that guy even there? Well, he clicked on the Business Insiders’ “Top Ten Burning Man Photos You Must See To BELIEVE” and thought it was gonna be nothing but butterfly sculptures and Instagram Models in front of giant letters.
No Kids:
Yep. Sorry Minecraft Burners, but you are gonna have to wait until you are 21 to come to this party!
Renegotiating the insurance policy as an over-21 festival will save The Org millions and millions of dollars.
Out of 80,000 people, less than .05% are under 21 . . .yet we have to check IDs at every fucking bar !?
Every year the gate gets closed down and no one can filter in or out because someone asshole can't find their kid. This should be a HUGE red flag !
Law Enforcement uses the fact that minors are allowed at the event as justification to engage in predatory conduct such as undercover stings, camp raids and random tickets for unsuspecting bartenders who forget to check IDs.
Also I am not comfortable with the legal grey area the Shirtcocking and Titbouncing in the presence of minors creates.
And if it ever comes down to nudity versus allowing kids, I am sorry but we can't sacrifice the heart of this festival on account of the fact that you don't want to get a fucking babysitter for the week.
Your kids could give a flying-donald-duck-fuck about Burning Man! You and I both know goddamn well that given the opportunity they would rather play video games for the week at grandma's house then have to listen to Mom and Dad fight at Burning Man all week about who got buttfucked by whom at the Orgy Dome. . .
So the rest of us can be free to fuck, drink, smoke and wave our goddamn dicks and clits around whereever we see fit!!!
The Temple:
In the early days of the David Best Temples, they were constructed from the leftover hollows of wooden dinosaur jigsaw puzzle pieces.
It was low cost, recycled and pretty fucking cool!
Last year’s Temple was overdesigned, structurally unsound, and made from rare rustic-oak hardwood and redwood trees imported from China.
Let’s cut costs and just do what those guys from Belgium did in 2005. It's a Very Simple Plan. We get a shitload of old 2x4 boards and fucking Wing It! The Belgium Waffle House would have made a perfectly good Temple.
Garbage Dumpsters:
Yep, that's right. In the future we will have dumpsters at Burning Man! All the Survivalist and Moop-shaming Burners say it will destroy the festival. Guess what, Burn Nut? It's already common practice for larger theme camps to rent dumpsters that are emptied at the end of the week!! It's been going on for YEARS! So what?
Theme Camps will now have to pay a dumpster fee and there will be strict rules around any public dumpsters. Believe me The Org will provide the minimum amount possible to accommodate the BLM. It won't be nearly enough dumpsters for everyone to just toss all their trash, recycling and extra bikes into.
Don't worry, Radical Self-Reliant Survivalist Burnertypes, other people will still have to suffer packing up and dealing with their own trash on the ride home. Moop-shamers rejoice! You will definitely still be able to shame people for mooping and not cleaning up, if not even more so now. I don't see why we can't be Radically Self-Reliant by having dumpsters on site. We will still Leave No Trace, while leaving one less thing for surrounding communities to bitch about.
Build the Wall !!!
Ya fuck it! Build the Wall. So what? Honestly, it will be more aesthetically pleasing than that fucking orange fence. And if that is what the Feds want, that's cool with me -- as long as The Org gets to choose who does Security!
Thank fucking god we are not doing Burning Man this year.
With the world on fire all around us, it seems a bit tone-def to hold a giant rave utopia party!
I, for one, will be enjoying the week indoors under air-conditioning and rolling around in the heaps of cash I am saving by not going. I’m not attending a single workshop to expand my consciousness, not giving a single gift to anyone, and not being radical or self-reliant in any way.
Fuck your Virtual Burn.
I am Zapper Jones. I will see you in the Dust again . . . Sometime Somewhere in the Future!
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2020.08.24 15:48 Colourblindness How I spent my summer tutoring kids at Indigo Courts & the dark secrets I learned within

I’ve sat down to try and compose my thoughts about a dozen times now, with limited success. I know people say just write what you want to express but fuck if I know how to do that.
I’m sixteen, going on seventeen in September and I can hardly keep a boyfriend let alone figure out my own damn thoughts.
It was a boy that got me into this mess anyway. Spencer Moseley, a kid from three blocks down that I once had a crush on and then friendzoned. Since then, we’ve helped each other out with English assignments and piggybacking off each other’s WiFi to play Fortnite, but it all changed this May.
Spencer’s dad works at the local hospital, graveyard shift; three nights a week and one late night Spence shot me a DM out of the blue.
Spence: >you up?
Me: >I am now…
Then he told me that his dad was diagnosed with coronavirus and his job was placing him on mandatory quarantine for the next 14 days.
Me: >fuck that’s awful! You mean you can’t even go outside your house?
Spence: >no. My mom is trying to set up a way for the local Walmart to drop off groceries but if dad doesn’t get unemployment We may not even be able to afford that.
Me: >Jesus I’m sorry.
Spence: >it’s fine I guess. Got more time for games now lol
I tried to play it cool and distract him, and we wound up talking for hours. Eventually he started realizing that if his dad didn’t get any pay, they would all be in deep trouble.
Spencer: >mom and him have been arguing all night. Apparently we’re late on rent. Credit card bills have piled up. Dad didn’t tell her any of this shit.
Me: >shit.
Spencer: >I gotta go.
I didn’t hear from him for a few days, but I worried about him so I occasionally shot him a few messages. After a whole 4 days of zero contact, he responded.
Spence: >sorry. Been busy.
I remember making a deep sigh of frustration.
Me: >thank god. I was about to come over to your house and demand to see you were alive.
Spencer: >that would have been a bad idea. Lol.
Me: >anyway… any luck on the unemployment thing with your dad?
Spencer: >no… well maybe yes but not that. I was talking to Justine the other night and she said she might be able to hook me up with a tutor gig.
Me: >Justine Tanner? Doesn’t she work for the rich folks over in Indigo Courts?
Spencer: >that’s the one! Anyway she is going on vaycay for the summer and said I could cover for her. It might be enough to cover for my folks.
Inwardly I was a little jealous. Indigo Courts was a well to do culdesac about twenty minutes from me, a new development with about a dozen houses and loads of cash.
Spence: >According to Justine, all the kids there go to some fancy-smancy private school. So the parents will pay top dollar for their little prodigies.
Me: >sounds cool! Sign me up too lol. But will they let you work there? I thought you had to be under quarantine too?
Spence: >what they don’t know won’t hurt em. Those rich twats can afford good treatment if they get sick. We need the money.
I didn’t bother arguing with him, knowing I would do the same if I was in his shoes.
Me: >Just be careful.
We didn’t talk for about two weeks. I figured he was probably busy or something. Then out of the blue again, he messaged me on Snapchat at some ungodly hour. But this time it was entirely different.
Spence: >Avery, please wake up.
Me: >wtf man. It’s like 2 fucking 30 in the morning.
Spence: >I need help. Something happened while I was at Indigo Courts today.
Me: > what? Did one of the kids try to flirt with you or something?
Spence: This is serious! There is something wrong with those kids.
Me: >okay…?
Spence: >listen just come to my house tomorrow. I can’t explain right now. Might be watched or something.
Me: >Are you high?
I was doing my best to take him seriously but he was sounding so erratic. Maybe I was a little nervous by how panicked he was acting?
Like I said, I’ve known Spencer for ages. He’s always been level headed. This though, it made me worried.
Spence: >just come. And tell no one.
I promised I would and did my best to go back to sleep. His behavior definitely gave me a weird vibe. Made me feel paranoid. But eventually exhaustion won the battle.
When I woke the next day it was past lunch, I tried to DM him and apologize but for some reason his Snapchat was no longer active. I tried Facebook, Instagram and Twitter only to find the same. Suddenly, his digital footprint was gone.
I remember getting dressed as I scrambled down the stairs and my mom chided me for sleeping in so late. I made some half hearted promise to help with chores and my little brother as I went to the garage and grabbed my skateboard.
Spencer’s is only about three blocks away, so I figured I would go over immediately and find out what was up.
I don’t think I will ever forget that day. I was maybe on the second block when I knew something was wrong. The hair on the back of my neck stuck up as I saw lines of police cruisers parked on the side of the road. Officers were questioning neighbors, and using tape to rope off a house on the next corner.
Spencer’s house.
Instinctively I ran toward the yellow tape only to be stopped by one of the deputies.
“I know that family!” I explained to him as I tried to look inside the house. There was no indication of a fire. But it only took a second to see what had happened and it made my heart drop.
A team of medical examiners hauled out two stretchers from their back porch, both with zipped up morgue bags on top of them. Adult sized ones. It made me take a step back and vomit.
A shiver ran down my spine as the medics took the bodies away and I overheard the cops gossiping about what had transpired.
“Kids these days. You never know what kinda shit they are going through. But to kill your parents like that? It’s bloody inhuman.”
Just then I saw the officers bring Spencer out in handcuffs. His jeans and Def Leppard shirt were completely soaked in blood. There were scratches on his arms and face.
I ran toward the police tape again and his eyes locked with mine.
“Listen kid you need to…”
In that brief moment of distraction, I think a hundred different things happened. Somehow, Spencer got out of his cuffs and managed to take one of the cop’s weapons.
Then a moment later he shot them both and turned to me, his gaze unflinching. I can’t ever forget those eyes.
He took the weapon and pointed it at me, screaming my name.
I panicked. I froze and felt my life flash before my eyes. A few of the officers were trying to reach him. But it only took a second for him to tell me what he had to.
“Indigo Courts!!” he shouted. Then he turned the weapon on himself and I screamed as he emptied the chamber into his face. That moment the bullet smashed through his skull will forever be scarred into my memory. It was nothing but a living nightmare. My screams mixed with the sound of the cracking bone.
The officers tackled his fresh corpse to the ground as I collapsed to the pavement. I don’t remember much else about the incident, but I just can’t forget those eyes.
They weren’t the eyes of a person that was alive. I’m not even sure they were human.
The police questioned me and I tried my best to make sense of the events , but I had no answers. So after I called my parents and they confirmed I was just a close friend; I was let go. It was maybe a few hours later I was sitting in my room trying to eat a bowl of cheerios when I got a knock on my door and mom came to check on me.
“Hey. You all right?” she asked.
“I… yeah I think so,” I said looking down at my soggy cereal.
“Try not to blame yourself. That boy has always been troubled, you know.”
I turned around to look at her in disgust. “Who said that?”
“Oh. It’s just… honey. I was friends with some of the parents over in Indigo Courts. They said he was a bit of a troublemaker for their kids this summer. I took it with a grain of salt but… I guess given what’s happened…”
My ears were burning and I whipped around and grabbed her hands. “What did they say?”
“Avery… I’m not trying to upset you.”
I squeezed them, trying to keep my composure.
“Mom. What did they say?”
She sighed and shifted in her seat a little uncomfortably.
“Just that he wasn’t going by the curriculum they gave him, and that he was trying to sneak off with one of their kids last week. It was very bizarre.”
“That’s it? That’s all you know?” I asked.
“Avery… yo can’t bring him back you know,” mom said. I started to grind my teeth, not wanting her to think I was crazy and instead dropped it.
But I didn’t stop thinking about Indigo Courts. I needed to know what had happened there.
I stayed up late and started to do some digging online.
Found that the cul de sac was about thirty three years old, made around the time of the big housing boom in the 80s. Since then it’s gradually grown to include 13 total houses.
And that’s literally all that I found on it. Google Earth showed that it looked like a picture perfect neighborhood. I even saw one of the homeowners out mowing their yard while I skimmed pictures.
Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing of note really. Suburbia to the core.
There was a small Facebook group connected to their neighborhood watch though, and that piqued my interest. A few nosey neighbors complained about strange noises they heard at night every few months. It wasn’t regular enough to warrant the cops attention, just… odd behavior that couldn’t be accounted for.
None of it separately seemed important. An occasional complaint here; an abandoned car there. But putting them together, it was becoming clearer that something strange was happening in the cul de sac.
I tried to reach out to Justine Tanner. We’ve never been friends, but I figured that if anyone could help figure out what had driven Spencer insane it would be her.
hey this is Avery Jones, we took Science and Trig together. Mister McAlister’s class. I know this is kinda crazy and random, but did you ever have any weird experiences while working for the folks at Indigo Court? Sorry for the late text.
Less than ten minutes later she responded. But not the way I expected. She blocked me across social media, and then a few minutes later when I used my brother’s Facebook I found out she had deleted her account.
That bad feeling I was getting was starting to grow. Spencer couldn’t have simply snapped, I was sure of it. Something had happened. And God help me, I decided to get to the bottom of it.
The next morning I had the makings of a half baked scheme in my sleep deprived brain.
“Mom… I’m thinking about getting a summer job. Something to pass the time til school is back,” I said over breakfast.
“Hmm? In this heat? Avery you shouldn’t push yourself.”
“Nothing outdoors. I was thinking of becoming a tutor. Some of the families in the area pay quite well. I could start saving up for that Honda I want,” I said with a half forced smile.
Mom stopped what she was doing and stared at me.
“Avery, I don’t know. You know how these people are. One bad review could ruin you,” she fretted.
“At least let me try,” I insisted.
She gave in so that afternoon I set myself up an online profile as a music tutor. Truth be told, I’m not the best at any subject but I figured for Spencer’s sake I had to fake it til I make it.
I made sure to emphasize my outstanding achievements from junior high and put down that Justine recommended me, even if it wasn’t true I figured they wouldn’t bother to check.
The wager paid off. A few hours later, I got my first bite.
Angelia Crowler, third house on the left in Indigo Courts.
I didn’t even bother to tell my mom I was leaving for an interview.
Since I wanted to put my best foot forward with Mrs. Crowler I took the bus to Indigo Courts, dressed in one of my junior dance dresses and even a little makeup. I was certain getting inside one of their houses would divulge all the secrets I needed.
Stepping out of the bus at the corner of the cul de sac made me rethink that though. I could see children out in the streets, playing ball and enjoying summer just like normal. Hadn’t Spencer said there was something off about them? I did hear the incessant barkings of a dog but I couldn’t make out where it was coming from.
All I could see was everything you would expect from any neighborhood across America.
I steeled myself, brushing aside my second guesses and walked to the third house on the left.
Mrs. Crowler was out watering some begonias in a sundress and wide brim hat when I approached.
“You must be Avery!” she said when my shadow cast itself over her work.
She turned and looked at me with the most pristine smile. It was almost unsettling how pleasant she looked. The barking grew louder, like an internal warning going off.
“Won’t you come in?” she asked softly.
Inside I felt like I was transported to a different world. I’ve always felt like we lived pretty well in the suburbs. But the people here in Indigo Court were on another level entirely.
Immaculate tile flooring, marble columns and table tops. Massive mirrors and chandeliers. They even had their own maid. It felt like I was in Hollywood or some private resort.
“Would you like some juice dear?” Mrs. Crowler asked as she walked around the kitchen island to grab some for herself. The maid moved out of the way almost instantly.
“Oh no thank you. Water would be fine.”
She nodded and got me a bottle, pausing for a moment as she heard a noise from upstairs and then smiled again.
“That must be little Gemma. Let me go get her so you two can meet.”
I nodded and quietly watched as she disappeared upstairs, taking the chance to look about the room. The place was spotlessly clean, and I couldn’t help but wonder if the maid had lived with them for very long. I got up and moved to the west wall. It was decorated with family portraits going back about two generations, but oddly enough, it looked like they had been in the same house with little to no difference. Not even a curtain changed or a piece of furniture moved.
As I staring I felt a sharp breath behind me and turned to see the housekeeper looking at me thoughtfully. Was she frightened? I decided to try and strike up a conversation.
“Have you… worked with the Crowler family for very long?”
She started to wipe down the counter again, pretending she didn’t hear me.
“My friend, Justine. She said these are good people. Did you know her?” I persisted.
I probably only had a few seconds to get any information out of her so I tried one last resort.
“Spencer Moseley? Did you know him?”
The housekeeper froze for just long enough that it was noticeable. But then continued to wipe.
I got in front of her and made her look at me.
“Did something happen to him while he was here?”
She didn’t respond. Just looked up with this expression that I can only describe as pure dread. Her skin was going white.
Then I heard a sound at the top of the stairs.
“So you knew Spencer?”
This time it was me that went pale.
I turned and looked up to see Mrs. Crowler, her daughter Gemma and her husband coming down the stairs. If I didn’t know any better it seemed like they did so in sync.
It was her husband that spoke. He passed me by to grab a beer from the fridge and causally continued his conversation about Spencer.
“Quite a remarkable young man. Such a tragedy what happened. Especially since he couldn’t finish his lessons with our Marcus.”
I swallowed a gulp of air, disgusted these rich pricks only cared about their own welfare rather than what had happened to my friend. But I did my best to hide it.
“While he was under our roof he often spoke of a gifted young lady that had caught his eye. I wonder… if he meant you?” Mister Crowler remarked as he finished his drink and turned to the housemaid.
“Any luck talking to Lupita? I imagine it was hard considering she has had her tongue cut out,” he said. I tried my best to not look shocked.
“Well go on, show her,” he insisted. Without so much as a grimace of hesitation the housekeeper came over to me and opened her mouth wide to show where her tongue had been severed. It felt like I was on pins and needles the entire time as I looked at it.
“Makes you think, doesn’t it?” Mister Crowler commented. But to what he referred I couldn’t be sure. It occurred to me that the loud barking I had heard earlier was now just a whimper. What had happened to the dog?
“So. To the lesson. Hmm?” his wife said clasping her hands together eagerly. The husband nodded and went off to his study without another word. Lupita returned to her duties as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
Ten minutes later I was in the den with little Gemma sitting beside me at their piano. The instrument was ancient, probably 1940s or older, but looked like it was kept in good repair.
“She was learning this sonnet. Are you familiar with it?” Angelia asked turning the music book to the appropriate page and showing me what looked like complex notes for a child of Gemma’s age.
I could feel her mother standing there judging me and it briefly terrified me until I closed my eyes and counted to ten quickly. I could do this. Fake it.
I studied the lines of the music and carefully went through each one with Gemma, all the while feeling Angelia watching from afar. Even after forty minutes of the session had passed, I was sure her mother was still watching. Waiting for me to make a mistake. I was fucking terrified but somehow I made it through.
“I think that’s enough for today,” Mrs Crowler announced after an hour.
Gemma seemed to jump at the sound of her mother’s voice. And I didn’t hesitate to take my leave.
“I take it you were satisfied with my services ma’am?” I asked as I watched little Gemma scurry upstairs. Was that obedience or fear that made her comply so quickly?
Mrs Crowler reached over to my face and placed her hands on my cheeks.
“You will suffice. Even the most stubborn of putty can be molded by an experienced sculptor,” she remarked as she seemed to tentatively squeeze my cheeks.
“Yes. You should be adequate indeed.”
We finalIzed the details of pay but honestly I couldn’t wait to get out of there so I couldn’t tell you what we agreed on.
As I left the cul de sac I noticed the children were still out playing their games and tried to reconcile what I had seen inside one home in comparison to this idyllic scene. Was it all a facade?
Then I saw a group of children circling around something lying prone on the green grass and I walked over to see. It was the dog that had been barking earlier. It took all I had not to scream.
These… children had somehow torn the skin off the poor animal. It was just barely breathing. Those cries earlier hadn’t been of play, but for help I realized as my stomach churned.
“Why doesn’t it just die?” one child whispered.
I fucking ran to the bus stop.
By the time I made it the neighborhood had gone silent.
I took out my cell and pretended to take a selfie, adjusting the camera to look behind me. I was trying to not shake. I knew what was happening but I still had to be sure.
All of the children had stopped what they were doing and stood motionless, watching me.
An instinctive shiver ran up and down my spine. If I had any doubts about the strange sense of eerie that had a stranglehold on Indigo Courts, it died that instant.
What the fuck had I gotten into?
I was mortified to even imagine it.
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I love being a rebel. It shows that there’s one less sheep in this world. Shoot me. And videos like this showing my fellow rebels in action warm my heart.
There's no way i can express how i feel...
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I don't care for that weirdo MadWorld2019
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Cracker has been performing better so she’s my pick sorry 😉 bye In what reality lmao


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2020.06.30 21:39 fattyffat [Meta] June Monthly Roundup

Hey Jailbreak,
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. There were actually lots of unique and quality tweaks released this month so make sure to have a look at the whole roundup for the month of June below!
This was put together without a bot so some posts might have been missed or there might be some other mistakes. If that is the case PM me and I will fix it ASAP.

Free Released Tweaks

[Free ] DigitialBattery13Lite - The lite version of DigitalBattery13.
[Free ] CCRinger13 - Ringer slider in volume control center widget.
[Free ] CCNC - A CC module to switch between noise-control modules.
[Free ] SiriLight - Hide Siri's dark blur.
[Free ] Divise - arm64 dualboots on device.
[Free ] Dismisser - Dismiss your springboard alerts by tapping on them.
[Free ] Contextual - Interactive context menus.
[Free ] PercentNotify - Customize your battery notifications for your iPhone and AirPods.
[Free ] Spotilove - Love your tracks from anywhere.
[Free ] NoPassAfterRespring - Hate to inpur password every respring?
[Free ] Docker-OSX - Run xCode on linus and sign your own JB IPA.
[Free ] RedditRefresh - Accidentally refreshed Reddit, alas no more.
[Free ] Facebook no Ads - No ads, download video, hide stories and more.
[Free ] HoldToViewNotifications - Bring back long-press on notifications.
[Free ] VolumeSwap - When your device is flipped upside down, so are the volume buttons.
[Free ] HouseKeeping - Set a specific time between clearing all your notifications.
[Free ] DoNotAutoLock13 - Disable autolock per apps.
[Free ] NotiBlock - Block notifications and take control of your digital well-being.
[Free ] AppFirewall - Take control of app's network access.
[Free ] Bluedit - Adds some useful features to Reddit's official app.
[Free ] ForeRunnerKeypads - Forerunner symbols on your passcode screen.
[Free ] ReachToLockX - Lock your device easily.
[Free ] IGSaveVoice - Save Instagram voice messages by long press.
[Free ] FirefoxifyChrome - Launch firefox instead of Chrome.
[Free ] MobileMeadow - Turn your phone into a meadow.
[Free ] PowerSettings - Add power options right to the top of Settings app.
[Free ] RealFiles - Show the full filename of files.
[Free ] FBDarkMode - Easily eable hidden native dark mode in Facebook app.
[Free ] Lockdown - Completely disable location services and tracking system wide.
[Free ] TransDock - Change the transparency of the dock from settings.
[Free ] SpotlightDelete - Delete apps from spotlight with 3D/Haptic touch.
[Free ] SnipperCommand - A command plug-in for Activator.
[Free ] Signate - See your device uptime on your lockscreen.
[Free ] Custofications - Custom notifications on iOS 13+.
[Free ] NoSquareMode - Disables square mode in the camera app.
[Free ] Amuze - Adds the 'Confidential and Proprietary. Protected by Apple Inc.'
[Free ] Ablaze - Apple music animated background for Spotify and Music app.
[Free ] AirpodPopupConnect - Adds a connect button to the AirPod's popup.
[Free ] Airpods 1/2 Preset for EQE - Another preset for the Airpods.
[Free ] Buzz Buzz - System wide haptic feedback.
[Free ] Safari in Messages - Open links natively inside messages.
[Free ] BlurryAlerts - tvOS style alerts.
[Free ] Counter - How many times do your unlock your phone.
[Free ] Instagram no Ads - Remove ads and save media.
[Free ] Sentinel - Stop having to re-jailbreak your tethered jailbreak when your battery dies.
[Free ] A-Message - Send and receive messages from your web browser, even on an OS other than MacOS.
[Free ] LocationFaker - Set a fake location without any bugs.
[Free ] HSWidgets - Custom widgets right on your homescreen.
[Free ] Intemperate - Bypass your device's thermal lockout.
[Free ] SettingsTweakLife - Open settings app straight to tweaks section.
[Free ] Twitch No Ads - Remove ads, can save clips.
[Free ] Return2Sender3 - Return key to act as send key when quick replying with third party applications.
[Free ] MusicBeQuiet - Automatically pause your music when the volume is set to 0%.
[Free ] Chusma - Find My Notifications when being tracked.
[Free ] NoLiveClock - Removes the live clock animation.
[Free ] ShortMailBanners - A small tweak to disable the notification banner expansion when long pressing on it.
[Free ] Attention - Blur your device upon inacticity.
[Free ] ForwardNotifierActivator - Activator support for ForwardNotifier.
[Free ] Wide by Default - Makes the selfie camera default to the wide-angle.
[Free ] Portrait Photos - Enable all Portrait Lighting effects in the Camera and Photos app.
[Free ] Home Screen Quick Actions - Select which Home Screen Quick Action should be enabled.
[Free ] WhatsTheDate - Automatically dismiss the 'timer status' on the lockscreen after a few seconds.
[Free ] Mitusha Forever - An audio visualizer based off of Mitsuha Infinity.
[Free ] GlitchPods Lite - GlitchPods but updated.
[Free ] UTM - Run other OS's on your device.
[Free ] rEkT - Distort capitalization on your device.
[Free ] Homepill - Makes your home-bar less intrusive.
[Free ] lower - Lowercase all visible text on your iPhone.
[Free ] Actify - Activator event to send custom notifications from any app.
[Free ] Purge95 - Clear battery usage stats if your unplug at or above 95%.
[Free ] NerdMode - Calculator tweak.
[Free ] XPad - Customizable pasteboard shortcuts for iPad.
[Free ] Mavalry - iOS customization done right.
[Free ] Screendump tweak - A shell script to start/stop screedump's vnc server.
[Free ] SeeYa - WhatsApp Profile Picture in notifications.
[Free ] RemoveDock13 - Remove the dock for iOS 13.
[Free ] RemoveDots13 - Remove dots?
[Free ] Weather Plus - Add date to each day row to Weather app.
[Free ] HalFiPad - Bring iPhone 11 gestures, iPad feat unique features.
[Free ] ModernBattery - Enables Apple's alternative view for the battery icon.
[Free ] StripCount - See the number of installed packages at a glance.
[Free ] Siri TTL - Set a timer for siri in idle mode.
[Free ] PMP - Protect my photos.
[Free ] NotFinical - A free version of the tweak that lets you swipe away the lockscreen music player.
[Free ] Haptic Volume - Adds haptic feedback to both volume buttons.
[Free ] ForwardNotifier - Forward your notifications to your PC/iOS device.
[Free ] FastLPM - Tap on the status bar battery to toggle LPM.
[Free ] SearchAutoFocus - Automatically focus on search.
[Free ] Pigment - Add some color to your device.
[Free ] QuickMarkup - Access the photo markup feature in less taps.
[Free ] Freemote - Bring BetterTTV emotes to the iOS twitch app.
[Free ] Kill All Apps - Swipe down to kill all apps.
[Free ] GlitchPods13 - Make your AirPods 1/2/Pro animation glitcty.
[Free ] Bongwater - Redesign the phone app.
[Free ] BetterCCXI Weather Fix - Fix the weather widget for BetterCCXI.
[Free] Ash - Keep your app icons grey until they are tapped.
[Free] UI Style Events for Activator - Events for Activator that let you trigger Activator Listeners when UI Style changes
[Free] Alert Controller - change UX and UI of your Alerts and Action Sheets
[Free] 15 flipswitches - one topic with 15 different flipswitches
[Free] Control Center Events for Activator - events for Activator that let you trigger Activator Listeners when opening or closing Control Center
[Free] Activator Listener for Powercuff - allows you to automate Powercuff tweak using Activator

Paid Released Tweaks

[$1.99] Ares - Siri the way it should be.
[$1.50] Bubble Apps - Your favorite apps - a click of a button away.
[$0.99] AnswerOnHeadPhones - Apple Watch calls send straight yo your iPhone's paired earphones.
[$0.99] Kai - Device battery indicators on your lockscreen.
[$1.99] Iris - Put the sparkle back in iMessage.
[$2.49] TypeCentury - See who's typing directly from the status bar.
[$1.49] ModernSettings - Add photo canvas and modules to your setting app.
[$1.49] CustomNotification - Add weekly local notifications for one specific app.
[$0.99] Gradient Bubble Color - iMessage with gradient bubbles.
[$1.49] MyWall - Custom background wallpaper system-wide for iOS 13.
[$1.49] Handcuff - Take anonymous selfies when someone tries to unlock or power off your device.
[$2.49] Glow - Always on display.
[$1.99] Titan - Automatic picture in picture with Activator support.
[$1.99] betterAlarm - A beautiful timer and alarm screen.
[$1.00] Arise - Customzie and automate your lock screen.
[$0.50] Buzz Buzz - Add haptic/taptic feedback for system functions and apps.
[$0.99] Finical - Swipe away your lockscreen player.
[$0.50] Status Weather - Adds weather condition into the status bar.

Updated Tweaks

[Updated ] Dress v1.2
[Updated ] BatteryNotch
[Updated ] Evil Scheme v0.1.1
[Updated ] SnowBoard v1.3.0
[Updated ] libhooker v1.2.1
[Updated ] SleepSaver
[Updated ] PrideBars
[Updated ] Dismisser v1.1
[Updated ] BadgeMeNot
[Updated ] Barrel for iOS 13
[Updated ] TikTok God v1.6
[Updated ] DVirtualHome v0.0.13
[Updated ] AutoClasBotiOS v6.6.1
[Updated ] Omega
[Updated ] Spotilove
[Updated ] NoClutter v1.2
[Updated ] DictMojiX v1.4.8
[Updated ] TapTapFlip
[Updated ] RoadRunner
[Updated ] Activator v1.9.13
[Updated ] ColorBanners 3
[Updated ] TFDidThatSay
[Updated ] Rofi v1.1
[Updated ] Springtomize 5 v5.1.7
[Updated ] iCleaner Pro v7.8.3
[Updated ] April v2
[Updated ] Cydia v1.1.35 and Substitue v0.1.14
[Updated ] MKTBypass
[Updated ] SettingsWidget v1.2
[Updated ] Eclipse v7.3
[Updated ] Last Unlock
[Updated ] ModernSettings v1.1
[Updated ] DopeConvos v2.9
[Updated ] ShyLabel v1.4
[Updated ] Cask 2
[Updated ] nslogify
[Updated ] SBColors
[Updated ] SafeShutdown
[Updated ] DoNotAutoLock13
[Updated ] RainbowCCSwitches v2
[Updated ] Bluedit
[Updated ] BatteryNotch
[Updated ] Flipswitch v1.0.16
[Updated ] TypeCentury v1.0.2
[Updated ] Nougat v1.1
[Updated ] Counter v1.0.1
[Updated ] AppSync Unified v80.0
[Updated ] Sentinel
[Updated ] iPadBar13
[Updated ] Nereid13 b2
[Updated ] AutoRedial
[Updated ] UniZoom v2.1.0
[Updated ] CopyLog v1.4.3
[Updated ] ReProvision v0.5.4
[Updated ] Kai v1.0.1
[Updated ] AirPopupConnect
[Updated ] NoClutter v1.3
[Updated ] BlurryAlerts v1.2
[Updated ] Dragspring v2
[Updated ] Waqt
[Updated ] CarPlay for iOS 13
[Updated ] NeonBoard Lite
[Updated ] Dapple
[Updated ] Barmoji
[Updated ] Rofi
[Updated ] Little11
[Updated ] DolphiniOS v3
[Updated ] ArkromePro
[Updated ] Watusi for WhatsApp v1.3
[Updated ] Folded v1.2.0
[Updated ] Screendump
[Updated ] GlitchPods Lite
[Updated ] IntelligentPass 3
[Updated ] TabBlocker13
[Updated ] AirPods Case Low Battery
[Updated ] Gradient Bubble Color
[Updated ] Houdini v1.1
[Updated ] Mavalry v1.2
[Updated ] MsgSwap v2
[Updated ] Snell v1.1
[Updated ] betterAlarm v1.1.0
[Updated ] Gravity v0.7
[Updated ] Kalm v2
[Updated ] BatteryRamp
[Updated ] SeeYa
[Updated ] BlockyouX
[Updated ] DockX
[Updated ] SmartBattery v3.1
[Updated ] Arise v.1.0.1
[Updated] Detector v1.4 b4
[Update] Activator Listener for Powercuff
[Update] Home Screen Quick Actions

Previous Month

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2020.06.27 01:05 JainaPyro One Year Trannsiversary -- Here's a story of my journey, my struggles. I LOVE YOU, family!!!

WOW. I cannot believe it's been one year. I've not thought this post through, but I feel the words will come as I type. Here we go.

TLDR for those who are just skimming and want quick message. THANK YOU for being you, staying true to WHO you are (not just "what"). Because you are here, reading this, you are awesome. I like to say, this is one of the friendliest communities on the internet based on how we've progressed through our different seasons in our different life battles. Keep sharing the love, you are Changing Lives without knowing it. Also, I went through a lot to get here [aka story below] but it was SO WORTH IT to be able to stand tall -- battered yet strong, so that I can share my adversities with you all.

Now for my story.

About 14 months [and 19K karma] ago I stumbled on a post in all asking a question about a transgender issue, and being unfamiliar with trans issues, I wanted to know the answer so I of course read it. I then came here to this very subreddit to see what other kinds of questions were being asked. "Wow, these people have deeply intense feelings about how they identify. I'm just so thankful that I'm happily male." But after 15 posts or so. "But wait, I've had these same kind of questions."

I had remembered a Trans Timeline video I watched just 2 years prior. I had texted it to my friend. I suddenly remember a wave of intense soul energy that washed over me as I had watched it. SO i go into Chat History scroll all the way back to two years ago, clicked on the link and watched it again. It was a Selfie-Per-Day sped up really fast over 18 months. The same waves of energy came back. Being wiser I realized the emotion I felt was, "I wish I was that happy." You see, the girl went from quite predominantly male (and frowning) to blossoming and happy by the end. I remember that by the end when her hair was fem that each photo had a different style which was the result of her opening herself up and trying new hair styles each day. I desperately wanted that. WHY!?

Cue soul searching and dysphoria. Crushing dysphoria. "I cannot even live life anymore as I am!" You see, I had already been cross-dressing throughout my life since the age of FOUR. I always thought it was a unique thing detached to any other part of my life. But the dysphoria brought with it more magic -- realization that, for example, I was dreadfully afraid of puberty and being compared to other boys. The realization that I hated male body language for being too aggressive and hard. The realization that my voice was never high enough "to match my whimsical personality." The realization that I had secretly wished I was a girl married to another girl, my wife. Also, I was jealous of the variety of female fashion. Also, the desire for people to respect me as feminine instead of masculine. Also, the fact I hated my penis for being so big. (I am being sincere, it sucks!!!)

And these were only just a few of the initial thoughts without trying! They all came rushing to my awareness. "Ohhhhhh shit." I had no idea I have been secretly desiring to be a woman my ... Whole. Entire. LIFE.

So this realization on March 28 or so changed the course of my life forever.

Before I get into what happened, here's some background. I've been working from home for 7 years for a dominant, aggressive drill saergent boss in an internet marketing and development boutique. Being passive, shy, timid, agreeable, I never resisted him piling more work onto me. So, for a ~15 worker company, I was the co-CEO in function but only a contractor worker by trade. Also, I'd been increasing in my alcohol consumption. Every day I had 3-6 drinks, and that was just to have a 'uneventful relaxed evening'. As the CEO made me head over more departments, the drinking increased. Because my system was growing in tolerance, it did not increase my symptoms.

My boss said, "Here, let's get you on a vacation." Since it had been 5 years since I took any time off. (AKA: 5 Years since I was comfortable enough to ASK for time off.) So he sent me to a West-Coastal town for 3 days on a heavily discounted Groupon deal and he was quite happy I "finally got to get that time off stuff over with in time for the hectic holiday work schedule." So we went, and it was right next to my favorite brewery North Coast. (Shout out if you're familiar with Brother Theloneous!) Now it was an amazing vacation with no hitch, my wife and I had a stellar time! HOWEVER I suddenly became best friends in the world with ... all-day drinking! I was fortunately present and mindful to make it an unforgettable trip with my wife, BUT when I got home I kept the momentum "Just for a few more days, as I adjusted to work life again ...

This was all November 2018.

... but when "just a few more days" passed, I kept it up. And in December 2018, after far too many shots (I had ditched beer and moved to hard stuff) I suddenly burnt out all at once. It felt like my mind, emotions, spirituality, cognition, all went haywire and I lost the ability to function. I am on the autism spectrum, and I had been familiar with the term "autistic burnout" - but never did I imagine something so aggressive and all-encompassing. I lost the ability to speak, to function in daily tasks, to feel any one specific emotion... And so I drank even more!

"Jaina, that's all crazy and stuff, but what happened to the Dysphoria!?"

Right! Thanks for that reminder. SO, In December I went MIA at my job and fell into a huge SCHLUMP which I'll define as being entirely dependent on my wife to help me through it. I hid my drinking by putting my $4 litre bottles of whisky in my office. I justified it to myself with lies like "It's helping me overcome the burn out" but in reality it was just chaining it to myself even more.

Skip ahead to March 28, 2019. Crushing dysphoria. Half-drunk (perma) browsing AskTransgender, then TransTimelines, having this soul crushing epiphany. Meanwhile I am struggling to keep a small job, wrestling with the remaining effects of burnout.

Suddenly dysphoria became my life. I told my wife about it (which I've covered in other posts here -- I'll link them), and though she did not respond well at first, she started to see my gender dysphoria as something worthy of treatment. I had 2 therapists, and they were both surprised but they too eventually saw this as who I am. Coming out to people was the worst thing imaginable to a shy and timid soul like me! But as I told people one by one I gained courage and strength. After awhile I LOVED coming out to someone new because of the adventure of navigating conversations where so much was still up in the air.

Then discouragements hit. My health was failing, with over a dozen side effects. Oh, did I mention i was now having 20+ shots per DAY!? My dreams of embracing my gender identity were ruined. I told myself "Until I get better I cannot keep up the dream. I don't know if my health issues are due to alcohol, but it'd be impossible for me to quit now."

So I gave up my dysphoria and it became a fantasy dream...

A couple months pass. Now things get REAL :: June 11, 2019.

My dad flew in from Hawaii a few days prior because of my failing health. I had them all convinced it was vitamin deficiencies and maybe anemia. (My entire body was covered in bruises and peeling red skin.) He and my wife were planning on supporting me through my doctors visits, during which I was very good at downplaying my alcohol consumption. My liver enzyme tests came back, and it was about 15x exceeding the healthy limits. I think they got a clue what was really going on --

My father and wife went out to do errands. I was staying at home, and I told them I had work to do. That work lasted about 35 minutes because I was also nursing my booze bottle and got so drunk that I couldn't work. In fact, I don't even have memories of the 35 minutes I did.

Because, when I regained awareness next, I was being half-carried into the Emergency Room.

I remember drunkenly joking with people while waiting. My sister and girlfriend were there. My roommate who is a nurse was there. I was trying to make light of the fact I had too much. But I kept blacking out. Then the dark thoughts hit, "Oh no, they will probably be more aware of my drinking now," and my mind was spinning how I could keep hiding it from them. But the darkness kept taking over, deeper and deeper the darkness went. As I clung to the thought of my alcohol, I descended into greater levels of the personal hell I was going through.

I wasn't in my mind or in my body, I was elsewhere. The lust for booze kept luring me into a place I can confidently say was NOT me. Suddenly and transparently, I saw my dependence as a type of slimy demon keeping me chained.

And as I was threatened to go deeper, I saw HER. I can't explain adequately enough because it was an abstract realm, but I saw myself ... as a female. She was not drunk. She was laughing, and she looked really cute in her skirt, and there were people around her who accepted her as who she was. She didn't look anything like my FaceApp attempts - she was ME, and also SHE!

I snapped out of the darkness SO FAST. I turn, suddenly-sober, to the really concerned and somber group and I said,

"Hey, let's get this shit out of my system and toss the bottles. I've got my identity to reclaim!"

Sober-minded, just like that. All of those dark thoughts wanting me to keep hold of my addiction suddenly were pitiful screeches from a vile, disgusting voice in my head. I turned off its volume and pushed it away.

I was in that ER for 3 days. I sweat out the withdrawal symptoms, which were a "personal slice of hell pie". However, I was remarkably un-concerned of the symptoms. Though I was sweating and shaking and convulsing, I was determined in my mind.

I turned to my wife when the others weren't around, and I said, "Jen? After I get better ... after I get sober ... can we talk about HER again? I got to meet HER, and she's better than I could imagine." My wife caught on, and though her facial expressions went from "oh, this topic again?" but slowly switched to "this would be health for hi-- ... her."

Many miracles took place in that ER. Suddenly I had no craving or thirst for alcohol. That's miracle #1. Miracle #2 was the fact I didn't die. Remember when my wife and dad went out to do errands? They got back and I was passed out in the closet (where I took 3 naps per day) and I was on the verge of not breathing. They likely saved my life. Miracle #3 was that the hospital didn't 51-50 me, which would have lost my job and put us into a homeless scenario. They were so impressed and blessed by my mature dad and caring wife, they ended up throwing the papers away which would have been catastrophic.

Miracle #4 was ... JAINA. You see, I never thought about a female name. Me transitioning was such a far-out possibility that a name wasn't even on my mind. However, that girl I saw standing within an enclave of light amidst the darkness - it's as if she introduced herself to me as Jaina. This was a name I hadn't heard since I was a teenager (Expanded Universe Star Wars Novels -- Jacen and Jaina Solo, twins of The Force.) My birth name is Jacen, and Jaina became ... ME. On that hospital bed I told my wife that name that picked me. She was concerned for me, but saw that my mind was now dwelling in a sober place already. She said, "It's nice to meet yo--... It's nice to meet Jaina."

So I went home with a new hope ... The dozen+ health issues started turning around in mere days. I became a health nut and purged the sickness one by one. My sober mindset has stood strong to this day, which is an epic miracle in itself.

Three weeks later, we get my new liver tests back -- perfect health! As well as the other tests. My wife shockingly said, "I think we should get you back on those [T Blockers]". My jaw dropped. She had hid them from me when my health was failing because I was trying a ghetto DIY approach. She put the pack of pills in my lap and said "Take half dose .... to start" with a glimmer in her eye and a smirk approaching. "Jaina is to be healthy, remember! Let's go to that trans support meeting so you can get on estrogen as soon as possible. I can't wait to meet Jaina, my new wife!"


So that's what we did. About a month after the near-death crisis and death-grip of addiction, I was now sober, healthy, productive, hopeful, focused, and on cloud nine. We went to a trans support group, so my wife got to meet other people "like me", and shew as so amazed by how happy and friendly they were, on the car ride home she said, "Can't we just skip the transition stuff and go straight to Jaina?" My heart, where art thou!?!

With my wife's newfound support I got on estrogen (the professional way this time) and thus began the timer. Over the weeks and months I noticed definite changes and improvements. I also came out to over 50 people personally (before FB post) and learned so much about myself in the process.

I have been on hormones about 10 months now. While I've remained sober, I have been going through mental health issues (asd, schizo, bpd, bbq, etc. -- 2 hospitalizations and 1 week stay) which have been testing my every fiber of being, but I am remaining strong and hopeful.

I like to say that JAINA saved my life. I like to think that the hazy image of her in my mind pulled me through what would have otherwise been a tragic turn for the worse.

Throughout the last year in between struggles and difficulties, I managed to record a lot of videos for the community which can be found here below. While it's been awhile since I've done a video, you can see slight transitions throughout! But mostly you see my wild whimsy...


If you've read all of this ... THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you. Just for one person to be moved by my story would make many of my days to come. I am very happy to share more so PLEASE ask questions, especially ones about any of the various phases of dysphoria/transitioning!!

UPDATE -- Here are some of my posts in these communities -- To name a FEW ...
I just experienced the CRAZIEST come-out I've ever heard of ....
I came out to my dad ... AKA Final Boss Battle. I was SHOCKED...
The number of people I've come out to is skyrocketing, and I just need to celebrate
An open letter to Dysphoria (long)
Wife Finally Approves!
The hardest thing to tell a dad.... (No, it's not coming out.)
A Beautiful Night Out - A short tale on my first time getting called She/Her in public.
[Uplifting] My therapist is calling me by my NewNames. And then my wife surprisingly started, too.
HOPE: Much needed Words of Encouragement for this community (VIDEO - feat. Luna the cockatoo)
~ Whimsically Yours, Jaina Jaslyn ~
submitted by JainaPyro to asktransgender [link] [comments]

2020.06.13 21:58 TagProLeaderboards Daily Leaderboard Log/Statistics for Saturday, June 13, 2020

# Name Points Time Win% G W L Pup% Save% Tags Popped Grabs Caps Hold Prevent Returns Support DCs
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2 ET 1643 07:19:41 41% 92 37 49 7% 0% 525 484 356 25 00:41:14 01:07:59 473 1374 4
3 poww 1544 05:54:41 63% 74 45 25 14% 0% 507 532 482 44 01:03:35 00:50:09 410 1602 1
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25 ballsome 763 03:18:45 41% 43 17 24 6% 0% 210 322 284 19 00:29:12 00:29:52 176 900 0
26 jamal 751 03:11:10 51% 45 22 18 10% 0% 190 355 323 25 00:35:40 00:21:10 155 832 3
27 Pretzelcoatl 750 02:58:37 43% 40 16 20 15% 0% 195 275 247 28 00:30:00 00:26:26 167 1033 1
28 koy 749 03:19:20 36% 39 14 24 6% 0% 188 316 267 17 00:30:29 00:23:03 148 645 0
29 jizz123 744 02:44:54 64% 37 24 9 9% 0 264 229 220 32 00:26:39 00:27:18 246 913 4
30 Daris 739 03:09:31 43% 39 17 21 11% 0 219 300 251 19 00:28:03 00:23:58 162 736 1
31 manAscending 737 02:56:49 54% 33 18 15 7% 0 198 231 172 8 00:16:22 00:37:10 189 634 0
32 CptUnderpant 737 03:02:43 54% 35 19 15 7% 0 230 281 219 17 00:30:45 00:23:32 191 572 1
33 FkTrUmPh 731 03:15:32 41% 46 19 26 3% 0 203 248 185 13 00:19:19 00:34:57 165 664 1
34 Pearl 723 03:09:57 47% 44 20 14 9% 33% 180 261 222 16 00:23:47 00:29:25 154 597 8
35 swiss 718 02:47:21 58% 33 18 13 13% 0% 216 225 192 17 00:23:17 00:22:34 175 529 0
36 Ass Jr. 711 02:48:22 62% 37 23 13 7% 100% 156 257 260 40 00:36:12 00:14:26 126 669 1
37 McCartney 710 02:43:36 48% 31 15 16 16% 0 284 142 117 8 00:12:36 00:28:36 191 781 0
38 YungGeezer 702 02:32:07 56% 30 17 13 7% 0 273 228 197 17 00:19:39 00:27:00 246 822 0
39 IcePlatypus 699 03:03:05 36% 38 14 24 9% 0 184 238 205 17 00:25:54 00:31:29 154 788 0
40 ONtheBALL 694 02:59:58 57% 35 20 15 4% 0 230 251 230 18 00:22:51 00:34:42 213 798 0
41 MollyScully 688 03:01:41 39% 33 13 20 5% 0 216 237 187 9 00:17:54 00:37:22 190 765 0
42 Ramage7 687 02:38:31 50% 34 17 17 21% 0 191 226 201 20 00:25:18 00:17:11 121 586 0
43 D4NK_JUK3R 680 02:49:39 52% 36 19 15 10% 100% 209 273 211 13 00:21:38 00:24:35 171 473 2
44 n1gh7 679 02:52:12 45% 38 16 17 7% 25% 247 283 239 19 00:21:57 00:23:05 212 892 2
45 Staks 675 03:04:50 43% 37 16 20 9% 0 207 267 225 16 00:25:28 00:27:46 174 879 1
46 MT Fingers 670 02:44:14 53% 30 16 13 8% 100% 213 187 158 15 00:22:10 00:26:43 197 560 1
47 greentea 646 02:35:27 51% 35 17 12 11% 0% 227 245 192 12 00:24:31 00:22:10 198 689 4
48 cumshot 645 02:30:59 65% 35 21 11 7% 0% 195 240 210 27 00:24:37 00:16:41 177 564 0
49 jkxs 639 02:49:56 30% 41 12 23 9% 50% 186 238 185 14 00:18:37 00:22:12 138 601 5
50 A$AP BLOCKY 636 02:25:00 62% 30 18 10 10% 50% 219 219 208 17 00:29:49 00:15:54 190 683 1
51 often_last 634 02:51:17 41% 36 15 20 7% 0 181 245 205 7 00:18:58 00:29:32 156 580 1
52 Mnemonic 632 02:30:33 63% 33 21 12 5% 0 207 234 204 23 00:22:14 00:21:04 184 675 0
53 RoIIingStone 625 02:29:57 62% 30 18 11 11% 50% 163 181 147 7 00:15:35 00:19:26 140 504 0
54 mactheroni 624 02:26:46 53% 32 16 13 12% 0% 240 225 191 29 00:27:02 00:15:30 212 537 1
55 WhiteBallker 620 02:42:45 36% 39 14 20 5% 0% 209 257 218 19 00:21:07 00:24:53 179 863 4
56 crispi 613 02:33:00 58% 31 18 13 10% 0 192 233 233 30 00:28:13 00:20:31 170 669 0
57 Frank 608 02:16:57 57% 28 16 12 6% 0 194 200 180 23 00:23:04 00:17:29 166 492 0
58 Some Ball 12 606 02:21:20 65% 30 19 9 7% 0% 194 199 176 19 00:17:10 00:27:01 172 813 1
59 Lionel Messi 597 02:56:36 50% 38 19 19 3% 0 186 280 235 26 00:25:14 00:29:00 160 837 0
60 Werth 591 02:16:29 62% 28 17 10 10% 0% 175 218 190 16 00:16:14 00:22:05 139 573 0
61 indigoo 591 02:12:17 66% 27 18 7 22% 0 192 208 196 23 00:22:20 00:14:50 126 493 2
62 BallGladder 586 02:11:06 57% 26 15 11 11% 0 175 190 157 11 00:20:51 00:18:06 141 509 0
63 LifeOfBrian 583 02:14:19 62% 27 17 9 12% 0 203 189 167 14 00:18:12 00:24:46 162 734 1
64 Razzle 582 02:35:51 60% 31 18 12 11% 0% 235 203 159 12 00:19:28 00:24:38 209 613 0
65 Bow Down 578 02:31:50 40% 31 12 18 11% 0% 181 223 202 21 00:22:19 00:18:31 150 577 0
66 SoulCake 578 02:14:16 65% 26 17 9 6% 0 218 219 184 11 00:21:25 00:22:28 192 506 0
67 jayju 572 02:18:11 61% 27 16 9 16% 0% 205 199 166 14 00:15:54 00:26:50 173 581 1
68 (420) 569 02:16:39 60% 28 17 10 6% 0 146 201 183 20 00:24:13 00:11:23 124 419 1
69 FlagCapturer 566 02:23:59 48% 31 15 16 4% 0 155 246 209 18 00:21:48 00:17:53 143 596 0
70 faerie 561 02:18:27 51% 38 19 11 9% 0% 177 175 159 19 00:17:07 00:27:52 136 575 7
71 CLAM DOWN 555 02:10:46 57% 28 16 12 9% 0 155 181 149 16 00:19:04 00:21:47 126 526 0
72 Yo YoYo 550 02:07:00 60% 23 14 9 13% 0 155 215 191 12 00:22:28 00:13:26 120 521 0
73 Karl Hungus 550 02:19:05 58% 29 17 12 4% 0 171 204 152 12 00:15:24 00:20:25 134 599 0
74 Darth 545 01:46:30 95% 22 21 1 14% 0 214 134 121 15 00:12:19 00:22:16 186 628 0
75 Skrt 543 02:22:39 32% 26 8 16 8% 0% 142 202 149 4 00:11:52 00:25:15 98 594 1
76 itagpro 540 02:01:39 86% 23 20 3 14% 0 115 162 164 38 00:33:50 00:10:24 103 362 0
77 based ball 539 02:10:13 56% 25 14 10 10% 0 121 205 187 16 00:25:26 00:13:41 106 468 1
78 Lettuce Pray 534 02:18:48 51% 38 19 12 11% 0% 208 190 168 11 00:15:42 00:20:30 161 486 6
79 SleepySphere 533 02:18:02 44% 27 12 15 7% 0 161 174 140 7 00:18:30 00:16:48 127 457 0
80 umad 529 02:08:50 52% 24 12 10 11% 0% 147 183 149 8 00:17:57 00:13:56 112 507 1
81 SuaveDaddy69 529 02:41:41 42% 35 15 16 8% 0 174 237 210 23 00:23:34 00:21:37 156 610 4
82 Some Pig 528 02:05:33 53% 28 15 12 8% 0 201 152 109 8 00:09:10 00:22:03 172 586 1
83 Ruze 527 02:15:49 40% 27 11 16 7% 0 174 217 176 9 00:17:58 00:22:07 136 589 0
84 dobs 525 01:53:46 75% 24 18 6 14% 0 150 173 161 14 00:19:17 00:18:17 126 557 0
85 #SelfySyntax 517 01:55:50 69% 24 16 7 9% 0% 136 184 164 19 00:19:49 00:11:15 115 463 0
86 whosagoodboy 516 02:02:52 58% 25 14 10 13% 0% 169 175 162 16 00:12:10 00:24:24 131 566 0
87 Treeface 513 02:29:55 35% 39 14 18 4% 0 114 187 82 4 00:04:52 00:21:50 90 510 7
88 SnackSack 512 01:55:33 60% 24 14 9 11% 0% 166 157 132 10 00:14:44 00:20:38 124 564 0
89 Cheezedoodle 509 01:50:27 69% 23 16 7 6% 0 145 167 139 22 00:16:16 00:16:09 130 541 0
90 firehawkv 503 01:46:23 85% 22 18 3 16% 50% 110 163 150 18 00:18:17 00:10:21 84 363 0
91 DrChipperson 502 02:10:38 44% 31 13 14 4% 0% 147 165 142 16 00:16:48 00:20:13 139 414 2
92 TumbleWeed 499 02:10:11 51% 29 15 11 10% 0 104 177 152 14 00:16:17 00:18:31 89 422 3
93 bhp 498 01:58:05 56% 24 13 8 7% 0% 150 177 155 26 00:17:11 00:13:11 134 503 2
94 MonteeBall 495 01:47:13 68% 21 13 6 13% 0% 107 129 138 22 00:21:51 00:10:40 82 385 0
95 Jukeasaurus 493 01:58:22 59% 23 13 9 6% 50% 154 156 123 14 00:14:51 00:16:56 134 388 0
96 BLOCK POWER 492 02:10:37 40% 27 11 12 8% 0 153 188 147 6 00:18:16 00:17:09 138 539 4
97 Anubis 489 02:02:05 41% 27 10 14 13% 0% 146 160 116 9 00:10:50 00:20:40 107 541 0
98 Angel. 489 02:00:07 83% 24 20 3 23% 0 188 163 157 32 00:29:38 00:14:08 137 352 1
99 stress-ball 485 01:55:01 60% 26 15 10 6% 0% 142 147 121 11 00:12:24 00:19:49 113 452 0
100 ds 483 01:52:11 57% 22 12 7 10% 0% 154 126 105 11 00:13:38 00:16:29 132 356 2
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2020.06.05 02:46 Hey-Dude-Are-You-OK Sub Crush and Confessions thread Results!!!

Sub crush

  1. u/temperrrip.
  2. u/YesYesBreadsticc
  3. No one because i have a real life S/O 😎 stop flexing
  4. fuck you
  5. u/SomaticRuby95
  6. yall are all insufferable
  7. WeeWeeBagget
  8. itsstupidheadbri
  9. no one really
  10. u/zippy102
  11. opu so yo - this is korean for dont have
  12. I CRUSH YOU aw ily2
  13. How could anyone have a crush on someone online I don't get it
  14. u/WholesomeRedditUser ily pls date me think he has a gf bro bad luck


  1. Was gonna resign/delete at the end of this month but I’m probably gonna do it today instead if that’s best for you then do it
  2. reddit
  3. i don't really like most of these twitter users
  4. I have masturbated to selfie threads when they were still a thing ew
  5. no
  6. I’m power user nah
  7. that shit u do in church?
  8. Old users really just coming back like hating on sub like they weren't mods before?? So u ruined this place and now u coming back hating, that's what u did lol idk if the sub being ruined is our fault
  9. I ban evaded every one of my bans
  10. ngl i been watching loona videos all day
  11. Nobody likes me and I’m sad same bro, same
  12. I apologise I'm just salty
  13. I have smoked weed 7 times but never bought it
  14. this is stupid but this sub has alot of memories and i probably wont forget it and think abt it a lot
  15. This sub has gone to shit and I cant stand it anymore yeah it’s dying, but I hope it keeps being active
  16. I move so many bricks they call me Marsha Johnson
  17. I hate people that talk about there problems
  19. bri and I are mutuals on twitter but I don’t think she knows my account. I feel weird liking her tweets. or I would if they were worth it 😔
  20. Like seriously?
  21. Idk if this is too late but I spent a good portion of time crying on the bathroom floor earlier lmao nah ur just in time, also r u okay?
  22. I either trust people to be good too much or I suspect the shit out of them
  23. I wanna get pegged, I genuinely am very curious, but it’s too niche. How would I even bring it up?

Tag Yourself

  1. no
  2. u/WeeWeeBagget
  3. u/thapenguino
  4. u/SomaticRuby95
  5. No
  6. u/iavsalt
  7. Make me
  8. u/ICantPlaySeinfeld
  9. Its just a joke right what’s just a joke?
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2020.06.02 08:23 Poeticalto Monthly Flair Log for May 2020

Special Flairs

Level 4 Donor: Donated $200 to TagPro
Date Player
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/16 Niplepotamus
5/27 HammerTime
Level 3 Donor: Donated $100 to TagPro
Date Player
5/4 Buggaboo
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/26 pooyan
Level 2 Donor: Donated $40 to TagPro
Date Player
5/3 lost at sea
5/3 OH2
5/7 Stoneball
5/15 Able
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/17 CoffeeSnoot
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/26 pooyan
6/1 CubaLibre
Level 1 Donor: Donated $10 to TagPro
Date Player
5/3 OH2
5/7 Stoneball
5/8 Fitz.
5/10 Lexanator5
5/12 sun chips
5/15 dewgazi
5/15 dryfus
5/15 uh oh i'm hi
5/16 Iyaz
5/20 Elemefayoh
5/20 The law
5/26 yep
5/26 pooyan
6/1 CubaLibre
Pi: reaching 314°
Date Player
5/15 yep
Bowling: reaching 300°
Date Player
5/4 helprefugees

Event Flairs

Name Description Count (Total for event)
Stay Safe Flair staying inside [200 wins] 593 (1564)
Counterfeit Bunny Ears staying inside [150 wins] 602 (1900)
Counterfeit Jester Hat staying inside [100 wins] 641 (2337)
Counterfeit Leprechaun Hat staying inside [50 wins] 687 (3030)

Leaderboard Flairs

Monthly Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
1 Elemefayoh
Weekly Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
2 Elemefayoh
1 (420)
1 cumshot
1 Diencash
1 TJ
1 itagpro
1 Ike13
1 T'Challa
1 screampie
Daily Leaderboard Wins:
Count Player
5 Elemefayoh
3 Diencash
3 (420)
3 T'Challa
3 Sunder
2 Go Habs Go
2 TJ
2 Dr.Ankles
2 itagpro
2 3436557w645
2 Ike13
2 Prime
2 uwu
2 Bloom
2 Violet E.
1 Wp
1 cumshot
1 Meesterman
1 PoohBear
1 Carden
1 Falestine
1 lays
1 Gyara
1 Czernobog
1 ok then
1 GeoLeoJ
1 trap ball
1 apollo
1 dyl?
1 piemel
1 PrincessLeia
1 bigballs
1 Gareth_Ball
1 Inception
1 meherethere
1 I suck
1 Picasso
1 Ai Hayasaka
1 cannibal
1 FlagCapturer
1 Tergel
1 BallGladder
1 En Sabah Nur
1 BlckStxr
1 greentea
1 Chile
1 MT Fingers
1 smoji_
1 Pencil
1 Bidet->Wipe
1 Golden Ratio
1 crispi
1 Jukeasaurus
1 ballsoffire
1 Reformed Exo
1 Soccertanker
1 AdmaniaYT
1 OuchMyBalls
1 Pogba
1 SuckMyBall

Win Rate Flairs

75% win rate:
Date Player
5/13 Dr.Ankles
5/14 Water
5/17 meherethere
5/19 Ai Hayasaka
5/27 RacgiMan
65% win rate:
Date Player
5/2 MoGGee
5/5 i love HD
5/6 meherethere
5/7 Werth
5/7 Water
5/7 BoomHeadSh0t
5/9 Lil_Pump
5/12 Dr.Ankles
5/20 BallGladder
5/22 Tweak
5/22 boat captain
5/23 SoulCake
5/24 Yummyummers
5/25 Wrist Rocket
5/27 Headshot
5/29 Jason Bourne
55% win rate:
Date Player
5/1 Dante Ball
5/3 Count Tagula
5/3 54.9%
5/4 Conj
5/6 Wizrd
5/7 cliffball
5/7 -Sokka
5/8 maxroar
5/10 Lumineers
5/10 YoyoMama
5/11 Nazar
5/12 BarelySane
5/12 Cabizzle
5/14 Sorry l suck
5/14 deanavery
5/16 Verona
5/16 bigballs
5/16 drumpf
5/20 bruhmomentum
5/21 zagd
5/21 the moon
5/23 crispi
5/24 sports!
5/28 Munby
5/28 /k/
5/30 Angel.
5/31 ScrubJay
6/1 Hot Carl
6/1 Some Ball

Degree Flairs

Pi: reaching 314°
Date Player
5/15 yep
Bowling: reaching 300°
Date Player
5/4 helprefugees
Uranium: reaching 238°
Date Player
5/12 -Batman-
5/13 Maurice
5/17 Gizmo
5/19 Mqrius
Blue Lightning: reaching 220°
Date Player
5/3 D4NK_JUK3R
5/31 Chile
Boiling 2: reaching 212°
Date Player
5/11 Mot
5/12 Celery
5/18 HereWeGhoul
5/30 peppy
Bones: reaching 206°
Date Player
5/2 puffs plus l
5/5 DuperDefense
5/14 Davy
5/17 Lasty
World: reaching 196°
Date Player
5/4 hitty
5/11 Bomberguy
5/12 Scooby-Doo!
5/13 Nilus
5/17 jerry <3
5/17 team
5/20 Jenkro
5/21 bright
5/25 #SelfySyntax
U Turn: reaching 180°
Date Player
5/4 BigSasagPza
5/6 kool aid
5/12 Ramrod
5/20 Gram
5/21 Sheep
5/24 dets
5/30 Frank
Phi: reaching 162°
Date Player
5/1 Mack Daddy
5/6 thierryonre
5/7 Bobbay
5/8 iTouchYou
5/10 Byrie
5/11 dat boy good
5/13 CoolHandJuke
5/13 lays
5/13 Abs
5/14 shirt
5/17 crouton.net
5/22 Diggs
5/24 etc
5/27 trashcan
5/28 Lamarcus
5/28 Real News
6/1 BartimaeusJr
Pokemon: reaching 151°
Date Player
5/2 n1gh7
5/4 Logicus
5/6 ritrocell
5/8 Niplepotamus
5/9 Big_Mike
5/11 PuyoPuyo
5/14 Incompetent
5/14 harriet
5/17 Juker
5/19 King~Zion
5/25 Elmiracle
5/26 CubaLibre
5/27 Ass Jr.
5/28 snackpack
5/28 Werth
Love: reaching 143°
Date Player
5/7 papergun
5/11 sicky
5/14 KALX
5/15 Jason Bourne
5/15 AngelaMerkin
5/15 Jer32
5/16 B1NGO
5/17 Jay-Z
5/18 -aNuStart-
5/22 Gubbles
5/24 deathball
Plane: reaching 130°
Date Player
5/3 Packers49
5/3 karthvader
5/4 Markomed
5/6 Abe
5/7 Yo YoYo
5/7 Mr. Whiskers
5/8 threaded
5/13 ebola gay
5/13 Simply Bad
5/15 itjustgame
5/16 SteroidSurge
5/17 t410n
5/19 McCartney
5/30 A.C.Hater
5/31 Battlecross
6/1 Tomato
ABC: reaching 123°
Date Player
5/4 nub
5/6 Victor messi
5/10 Wanye
5/12 Headshot
5/15 liu kang
5/17 emx01
5/18 Tag Master
5/22 Dr. Gefilter
5/24 TagCrow
5/24 doke
5/25 crispi
5/28 first evea
Yellow Lightning: reaching 110°
Date Player
5/5 Count Tagula
5/7 darke
5/8 guts.
5/9 Kraft Dinner
5/9 usually last
5/13 Ikuyo
5/14 Sammy.
5/14 Johnsooun
5/15 Bellum
5/16 Asa Akira
5/17 Iyaz
5/18 VektorVaughn
5/19 hz
5/19 BobRoss
5/22 J0k3r
5/25 Cyclops
5/26 Ballywood
Boiling: reaching 100°
Date Player
5/1 witchking64
5/2 Button Whore
5/3 Sticky Ball
5/6 sorry
5/6 Incandenza
5/7 Copperhead
5/11 Zoomie
5/12 Pouet
5/12 tim-sanchez
5/12 DadChode
5/14 Balljobby
5/14 sammylunchme
5/14 BUTT
5/15 Cyboogie
5/15 ballsome
5/20 En Sabah Nur
5/22 bilal
5/22 Elemefayoh
5/22 foxyshazam
5/23 Czernobog
5/25 cliffball
5/25 itagpro
5/26 Potato King
5/27 Bumder
5/27 T'Challa
5/28 Delano
5/29 cumshot

Degree Flair Counts:

Name Description Count
Pi reaching 314° 2
Bowling reaching 300° 1
Uranium reaching 238° 4
Blue Lightning reaching 220° 2
Boiling 2 reaching 212° 5
Bones reaching 206° 4
World reaching 196° 9
U Turn reaching 180° 7
Phi reaching 162° 18
Pokemon reaching 151° 16
Love reaching 143° 12
Plane reaching 130° 16
ABC reaching 123° 12
Yellow Lightning reaching 110° 17
Boiling reaching 100° 27
Microphone reaching 98° 38
Flux Capacitor reaching 88° 25
Magma reaching 79° 18
Peace reaching 69° 23
Road Sign reaching 66° 26
Tomato reaching 63° 69
Alien reaching 51° 36
Dolphin reaching 42° 50
Freezing reaching 32° 100
Penguin reaching 17° 191
Moon reaching 11° 249
Baseball reaching 9° 417
Bacon reaching 6° 343
Pencil reaching 2° 812
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2020.03.16 00:59 subreddit_stats Subreddit Stats: CA_Kitchen top posts from 2019-03-17 to 2020-03-15 03:32 PDT

Period: 364.11 days
Submissions Comments
Total 1000 17081
Rate (per day) 2.75 46.88
Unique Redditors 115 340
Combined Score 22190 53288

Top Submitters' Top Submissions

  1. 2731 points, 127 submissions: AmericanMuskrat
    1. Jellybeans not included (43 points, 29 comments)
    2. Beef shoulder (RIP Otter 4/1/82 - 8/4/19) (34 points, 17 comments)
    3. Mod is sick, post cat pics. (34 points, 36 comments)
    4. This is my snack, this is nacho snack (33 points, 24 comments)
    5. I didn't make anything today, how about a selfie instead. (32 points, 51 comments)
    6. Beef enchiladas for breakfast (31 points, 18 comments)
    7. At Hersheypark. Thinking of Crash & Nipples. Fucking. ❤ (29 points, 20 comments)
    8. Ground beef enchiladas with avocado sauce (29 points, 8 comments)
    9. Making some enchiladas (28 points, 38 comments)
    10. Even trippong balls we can still make breakfast. We're not animals. Although maybe we should have split that lsd.... (27 points, 25 comments)
  2. 1548 points, 71 submissions: MILK_DUD_NIPPLES
    1. I got shitfaced and ordered a case of raviolis (51 points, 22 comments)
    2. A BOX of vodka (38 points, 27 comments)
    3. Tonight’s dinner has been... (31 points, 17 comments)
    4. Eggs, sunny side up, and potatoes (29 points, 8 comments)
    5. Call me MC Pee Pants cause I Want Candy (28 points, 31 comments)
    6. First time actually eating food in 3 days (27 points, 17 comments)
    7. Breakfast taco (26 points, 11 comments)
    8. Quesadilla (25 points, 3 comments)
    9. Crash’s doctor gave her a bag of food because she’s jobless (24 points, 33 comments)
    10. Diet Faygo and spicy nuggies for a Juggalo watching their figure (24 points, 20 comments)
  3. 1447 points, 64 submissions: PaperMachetedHeart
    1. This is my sous chef and co-pilot. He's always watching me in the kitchen. He loves my knife work. Since we've seen the Kitchen Kitties, now it's time for the Kitchen Pups. Post your Kitchen Pup and let's see those CA_Kitchen mascots :-) (any other animals or pets are welcome). (50 points, 42 comments)
    2. "Burger, fries, and a Coke. Don't bother me. I'm eating." (34 points, 6 comments)
    3. Oreo ice cream with extra oreos I added. (33 points, 5 comments)
    4. I made tacos. (32 points, 14 comments)
    5. Sushi. (31 points, 24 comments)
    6. We truly lost a legend today. Since I'm not drinking, I'm gonna smoke one out for him. RIP Kobe. Rest easy. (30 points, 20 comments)
    7. Feels good to eat some fresh fruit. Pineapple. cantaloupe, and watermelon. (29 points, 11 comments)
    8. Simple homemade "pasta salad" spaghetti with lots of parmesan cheese, parsley, olive oil, olives stuffed with feta and pimentos, and cherry tomatoes. Tossed with pasta water and lemon juice. (28 points, 34 comments)
    9. Toast with a side of shotgun. (28 points, 36 comments)
    10. Me after an incredibly long week and as well as a long day. Glasses unnecessary. (27 points, 31 comments)
  4. 979 points, 41 submissions: fuckitx
    1. my friends loved everything and I'm so happy (46 points, 23 comments)
    2. I made a meatloaf mummy (36 points, 19 comments)
    3. pork tenderloin with a pear and onion gravy. Idk. Had a pear. Wanted to be fancy (36 points, 13 comments)
    4. 530am grilled cheese in bed made with mayo and bacon grease I need jesus (35 points, 17 comments)
    5. Its a tuna wrap melt thing. Kitty want (32 points, 3 comments)
    6. Breffesssss time (31 points, 25 comments)
    7. Eating my feelings..i swear if I don't drink all day I eat all day instead :( (30 points, 16 comments)
    8. I didnt have pickles so I'm literally dipping my wrap in pickle juice (29 points, 32 comments)
    9. I made a mashed potato and cheese stuffed meatloaf (29 points, 14 comments)
    10. I'm ashamed but tastes okay (29 points, 12 comments)
  5. 789 points, 37 submissions: Loveablecarrot
    1. Popeyes ain’t shit (weed oil in potatoes) (37 points, 5 comments)
    2. Because i got high (29 points, 18 comments)
    3. Tuesday (28 points, 24 comments)
    4. Never let me slip cuz if I slip then I’m slippin (26 points, 19 comments)
    5. I make? (25 points, 13 comments)
    6. Meatloaf and po ta to (25 points, 34 comments)
    7. Another day (24 points, 12 comments)
    8. Ramen party :D (24 points, 18 comments)
    9. Beer breakfast. Nutritious (23 points, 24 comments)
    10. Alf re do (22 points, 31 comments)
  6. 742 points, 33 submissions: Snugglers
    1. Burger and fries by the riverside. (37 points, 37 comments)
    2. Personal Bathroom hangout? Who needs a date? (33 points, 36 comments)
    3. Otter was kind to me. (29 points, 3 comments)
    4. Netflix and Blackout. (28 points, 33 comments)
    5. 3.99 for a 6 pack! Omg I'm in love. (27 points, 15 comments)
    6. Tah-koos!! (26 points, 15 comments)
    7. Breakfast CAsserole (25 points, 20 comments)
    8. Breaking down a fast with samich and curry soup. Also leg. (25 points, 13 comments)
    9. Ice scream. (25 points, 3 comments)
    10. Let's get fucking trashed and misbehave. (25 points, 40 comments)
  7. 604 points, 29 submissions: BudsNotBullets
    1. In the words of the immortal Tom Waits....I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy... (30 points, 17 comments)
    2. Gonna be a good day (26 points, 19 comments)
    3. Enjoying nature and a healthy lunch (24 points, 9 comments)
    4. Found this in a buddy's junk drawer. A little cleanup and sharpening, and it's all mine (24 points, 17 comments)
    5. Having a rough day, and nothing cheers me up like the all you can eat sushi joint (24 points, 36 comments)
    6. Are these getting thin enough to boil and eat yet? Kidding aside, just letting you fine fuckers know I'm still alive and kicking (23 points, 37 comments)
    7. Huge thanks to u/snugglers for dinner tonight! (23 points, 20 comments)
    8. Icehouse edge for lunch behind the speedway. By the way, BKs tacos suck balls. (22 points, 39 comments)
    9. Prepare your anus (22 points, 60 comments)
    10. Fuckin breakfast, you cunts (21 points, 9 comments)
  8. 442 points, 19 submissions: Texas_HardWooD
    1. I'm gonna smoke me up 7lbs worth of ham. Fuuuuck yeah. (36 points, 20 comments)
    2. My secret santa knows exactly how to treat a Texan! Thank you!! I'll make good use of these. (35 points, 7 comments)
    3. Canadian buns can't handle the impressive girth of American wieners of German descent. (30 points, 7 comments)
    4. I'm drunk and I'm taking selfies. (28 points, 32 comments)
    5. Deep fried quesadilla. (25 points, 7 comments)
    6. Sammiches taste better when they're fancy triangles. (25 points, 22 comments)
    7. No food, but in Texas when you get a chance to air your house out in August, you fucking post that shit. 84° fuck yeah. (22 points, 14 comments)
    8. Spicy shit inventory time. (22 points, 5 comments)
    9. They had a sale on boyardee. (22 points, 17 comments)
    10. Anybody need any eggs? (21 points, 27 comments)
  9. 413 points, 16 submissions: upwardfallingRayne
    1. Day 4/4 sober. Gotta make up for the calorie deficit somehow. Oreos are a limited edition "marshmallow moon" flavor. Tastes similar to Lucky Charms. (37 points, 28 comments)
    2. Dedicated to u/cuntes: My grilled cheese (ironed cheese?) lunch today (37 points, 38 comments)
    3. [Picnicking outside my apartment for one of the last days I'm drinking before Mostly-Sober 'Tober =]](https://i.redd.it/cbxy660ntzp31.jpg) (32 points, 32 comments)
    4. The lunch of champions (delicious food for only $6 yummmmm) (Beer not counted in the $6) (30 points, 21 comments)
    5. Guys, I tried making gravy last night. Might have been a little drunk. (29 points, 26 comments)
    6. When you travel for work and they reimburse you for meals by an arbitrary cost per meal instead of taking receipts, this is what happens. My meals for the next three days. (29 points, 58 comments)
    7. Now that all friends have received their bread and seeing a pic won't ruin the surprise, here's the Ukrainian Easter bread I make every year. It's called paska. (28 points, 13 comments)
    8. I've been fortunate enough to get to go to Greece, and I learned that they don't (frequently) put lettuce in their salads. I also learned that if you order their "house wine" it comes from a box. I approve. (27 points, 36 comments)
    9. [Not food] This sign is one of my favorites parts of my kitchen. Found at a gas station about four years back. (24 points, 12 comments)
    10. Pineapple fried rice served in a pineapple? Why yes, I am a professional! (haha not really at all, but it is pretty though!) (23 points, 20 comments)
  10. 370 points, 17 submissions: Rosemarried
    1. No mis-steaks were made tonight. (31 points, 10 comments)
    2. Had an awesome (shitty) and reflective (boring AF) sober stint for 50 days! Husband brought this home to decorate and get lit! (28 points, 12 comments)
    3. Cauliflower soup on the way (27 points, 18 comments)
    4. My first two plates at the Buffet. A girls gotta eat :) (26 points, 17 comments)
    5. Tofu spring rolls, peanut sauce, sriracha flair (25 points, 7 comments)
    6. Bucatini with mushroom cream sauce from the culinary kids at my school. Carbs nom nom (24 points, 6 comments)
    7. Going for some tater leek veggie soup of some kind...something to dip buttered bread in and some dabs (22 points, 6 comments)
    8. Bean tostada and chicken enchilada. (21 points, 6 comments)
    9. Cold tonight so we have warm biscuits and jam. (21 points, 7 comments)
    10. Totally in love with this kombucha stuff. I'm late to the craze I think. It's great to have something to drink that's not seltzer. And it's bitter, just like me! (21 points, 13 comments)
  11. 367 points, 18 submissions: Drunken_Otter
    1. Muskrat is afraid of these movies. Upvote to scare Rat! (27 points, 8 comments)
    2. Mmm. Hospitaly (25 points, 13 comments)
    3. My potato is better than Musky's (25 points, 55 comments)
    4. Fancy as fuck (22 points, 36 comments)
    5. Posted this to the wrong sub, cause I'm drunk (22 points, 32 comments)
    6. Sammich (21 points, 16 comments)
    7. Let's a go! (20 points, 22 comments)
    8. Breakfast at Otters, anyone? (19 points, 40 comments)
    9. Handcrafted fire roasted pizza (19 points, 19 comments)
    10. Homemade salsa (19 points, 69 comments)
  12. 345 points, 15 submissions: JayJayFrench
    1. Chick asked for Jayjay's baconator. She got rosemary pork tenderloin, smashed potatoes with sourcream and aged cheddar, and carmelized nectarines. (28 points, 32 comments)
    2. Chloe Marie (28 points, 12 comments)
    3. I'll let this pasghetti sauce simmer and blend for a couple of hours. (28 points, 43 comments)
    4. Steak with seared nectarines and toasted almonds and goat cheese. For 1. (28 points, 21 comments)
    5. Please advance to the next window. (25 points, 18 comments)
    6. Meals are a social construct, just like gender. This is my supper. Plus 2 bagels with cream cheese. (23 points, 8 comments)
    7. Beef, bok choi, and satay sauce. Served over jasmin rice. I'd fuck me for this. (22 points, 9 comments)
    8. Fish Tacos with lime slaw, avocado and lime coconut mayo. (22 points, 14 comments)
    9. Muh breakfast. Took the day off so it's been a nice, leisurely morning. (22 points, 17 comments)
    10. Because I deserve steak and italian sausage. (21 points, 6 comments)
  13. 304 points, 13 submissions: crash--n--burn--V
    1. First Non-Candy Meal In Some Time (35 points, 13 comments)
    2. Spaghet (29 points, 15 comments)
    3. Got fired from my second job for going home early after my manager told me I could and wouldnt be fired. Relapsed and hurt other people. Getting back on track. My diet is trash and so am I. (27 points, 42 comments)
    4. Hanukkah 2019 (24 points, 10 comments)
    5. Healthy Food. (24 points, 12 comments)
    6. Classic Breakfast. (23 points, 30 comments)
    7. The reason i eat so much candy. (23 points, 39 comments)
    8. Death to Cattle. 👹☠💀🖤🐄🐃🐂🐮 (22 points, 18 comments)
    9. Fruit. (21 points, 3 comments)
    10. Food. (20 points, 23 comments)
  14. 277 points, 12 submissions: beerwinevodka
    1. Not easy making these with shaky hands (35 points, 38 comments)
    2. Just need to add the sauce (34 points, 10 comments)
    3. Last pic of the night.. I’m fucking done (28 points, 17 comments)
    4. Putting my tomatoes to good use (25 points, 9 comments)
    5. Grilled corn, sausages and a plumbus. (23 points, 12 comments)
    6. Found this yesterday (22 points, 18 comments)
    7. Steamy hot NJ pizza (20 points, 8 comments)
    8. 5 Guys surprise (18 points, 12 comments)
    9. My husbands famous sub dip (18 points, 15 comments)
    10. Shrimp scampi and marvel (18 points, 10 comments)
  15. 273 points, 11 submissions: BoozeWithCoffee
    1. Finished product from last night (38 points, 40 comments)
    2. Let's get fat (33 points, 22 comments)
    3. Thank you u/papermachetedheart ! This is so perfect. (29 points, 4 comments)
    4. Afternoon latte, courtesy of u/papermatchetedheart This was made with my Christmas gift coffee. (25 points, 4 comments)
    5. Shrimp and Kale soup (24 points, 19 comments)
    6. Valentine's Day Dinner- homemade sushi (24 points, 7 comments)
    7. Junk food "sandwich" (23 points, 1 comment)
    8. Liquid Lunch 🍅 🍺 (21 points, 10 comments)
    9. My 2 yr old climbed on top of the table and tasted all of the apples. (21 points, 16 comments)
    10. Toddler lunch (18 points, 11 comments)
  16. 270 points, 14 submissions: Gimletonion
    1. Wanted to try making my own carnitas. This is what they looked like after braising the pork for 3 hours and then popping them in the oven for those crispy edges. The cardiac arrest will be worth it. (25 points, 14 comments)
    2. Mississippi pot roast and mashed potatoes. It's pretty good for minimal ingredients and effort (22 points, 14 comments)
    3. Tennis and meat balls (21 points, 8 comments)
    4. To Otter :,( baked mac and cheese with bacon and a fifth of gran legacy (21 points, 33 comments)
    5. The liquor store sells tamales on saturdays (20 points, 21 comments)
    6. Fried tofu, broccoli, and glass noodles in sauce (19 points, 17 comments)
    7. Tuscan butter shrimp (19 points, 7 comments)
    8. Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew, Cover it with chocolate and a miracle or two... (19 points, 17 comments)
    9. 2am; 2 cups of garlic dehydrated potato flakes (18 points, 11 comments)
    10. I braised 4 lbs of my pork shoulder (18 points, 14 comments)
  17. 269 points, 13 submissions: Awesome_Otter
    1. Salmon served on my finest china. Courtesy of stress and vodka. (28 points, 8 comments)
    2. Nanner pudding (27 points, 20 comments)
    3. Crash... (24 points, 4 comments)
    4. I have Space AIDS today. Mom made comfort food (21 points, 9 comments)
    5. Dinner with my ol buddy (20 points, 24 comments)
    6. Let's a go!! (20 points, 10 comments)
    7. clap clap clap clap (19 points, 22 comments)
    8. My unique fine dining experience (19 points, 26 comments)
    9. Presentation is important (19 points, 12 comments)
    10. Because Texas. (18 points, 78 comments)
  18. 264 points, 13 submissions: Nan_the_pepper_man
    1. Breakfast at work (24 points, 17 comments)
    2. Cheetos popcorn and barbacoa tacos with sugary drinks. Healthy shit. (22 points, 2 comments)
    3. Pork (22 points, 12 comments)
    4. Whipped up a quick breakfast at work. (22 points, 5 comments)
    5. Alcohol is a hell of a drug. Don’t ask because I have no fucking clue. (21 points, 22 comments)
    6. Coffee and a blunt for breakfast (21 points, 6 comments)
    7. I need to stop smoking weed on the way to the store for tobacco runs. (21 points, 9 comments)
    8. Stay hydrated, losers. (21 points, 4 comments)
    9. Rice, shrimp, beef, peas, bell peppers, and some smoked ghost peppers and fresh Bahamian goat peppers. A little bit of soy sauce and sweet chile sauce to top it off and that’s a meal fit for a lowlife drunk. (19 points, 9 comments)
    10. Bubblegum 7 pots, chocolate ghosts, reapers, peach ghosts, and yellow ghosts. I’m going to make some aggressive salsa with these bad mother fuckers. (18 points, 8 comments)
  19. 260 points, 13 submissions: gin_and_jewess
    1. Treat yo’self! (29 points, 22 comments)
    2. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED AND MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. (Sorry, I wasn’t very hungry.) PaperMachetedHeart (23 points, 8 comments)
    3. I don’t feel so hot today so I’m having breakfast in bed. Yes, “breakfast” at 6:30p.m. what’s the big deal you’re not my boss ok jeez go the fuck away (22 points, 22 comments)
    4. Here’s my contribution for today, guys. (21 points, 13 comments)
    5. Wakey wakey, eggs n’ ...uhhhh (20 points, 27 comments)
    6. Day 2 of ACTUAL cooking with Giness ~ roasted broccoli and shrooms, 2 fried eggies, jalapeño slices. Full disclosure: I hid a little ketchup under the eggs because I didn’t wanna be judged (19 points, 40 comments)
    7. I normally post grocery hauls in CAchores, but that didn’t feel right since there’s no alcohol, socks or dildos. Upper right bubble was the 5 bags (!) from Amazon Fresh. $50. Not bad! (19 points, 13 comments)
    8. Today’s cocktail, the TGIF. Ingredients: gin, ginger beer & 2 melted mango popsicles you forgot to eat in the middle of the night. Dump into sparkly cup, keep rainbow knife nearby to fend off thirsty tigers. (19 points, 15 comments)
    9. I wanted to cook/eat everything in the grocery haul but settled on this. Roasted B.sprouts, baby portobello shrooms, kumato tomatoes and garlic with a lil shaved Romano cheese and seasonings. (18 points, 28 comments)
    10. Treat yoself (dildo not pictured) (18 points, 18 comments)
  20. 251 points, 9 submissions: CuntFacedWankMuffin
    1. Stir fry topped with soft boiled eggs (45 points, 38 comments)
    2. Too otter... We didn't be friend each other but I commented on your post and you on mine we never got close but we knew who each other was and we have conversated, your death shocked me to the core and made me sad, it made me want to throw my all the drink out of the house and call it a day (41 points, 4 comments)
    3. My dinner (39 points, 38 comments)
    4. Out of hospital, on a codeine diet, didn't die so that's something (26 points, 35 comments)
    5. Some times I chug soup straight from the can (22 points, 31 comments)
    6. Chairs (20 points, 3 comments)
    7. Chicken wings some rice quinoa bean kale mix and mayo yo (20 points, 1 comment)
    8. 9pm here in the UK and still 32 degrees, 710ml bottle of ice cold Coors no body pic as I'm an accountant in the public sector and I'm not trynna fuck that up (19 points, 10 comments)
    9. Mashed egg with crush garlic mayo black pepper salt and hot paprika why I made this monstrosity ? Well that's a question for a mental health professional (19 points, 17 comments)
  21. 250 points, 11 submissions: ViolentVBC
    1. Anyone want to nibble my noodle? AKA my first pasta salad (29 points, 19 comments)
    2. I want you, I need you, but there ain't no way I'm ever gonna love you (AKA I made a Meatloaf) (28 points, 27 comments)
    3. Just some shrimps with cock tail sauce (28 points, 7 comments)
    4. Dropped my glasses into my ramen... (23 points, 9 comments)
    5. Sober pumpkin carving with family (23 points, 9 comments)
    6. Peach and berry (straw, blue, blackberry, raspberry) breakfast smoothie, because the thought of solid food makes me gag... (22 points, 21 comments)
    7. Made some Father's Day shish kebabs for my pops (21 points, 68 comments)
    8. Euclidean spiral in shrimp? Is this a new Tool song?? (20 points, 7 comments)
    9. Just the bare necessities of life! (20 points, 25 comments)
    10. My "world famous" tuna noodle casserole! (19 points, 25 comments)

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  2. I got shitfaced and ordered a case of raviolis by MILK_DUD_NIPPLES (51 points, 22 comments)
  3. This is my sous chef and co-pilot. He's always watching me in the kitchen. He loves my knife work. Since we've seen the Kitchen Kitties, now it's time for the Kitchen Pups. Post your Kitchen Pup and let's see those CA_Kitchen mascots :-) (any other animals or pets are welcome). by PaperMachetedHeart (50 points, 42 comments)
  4. my friends loved everything and I'm so happy by fuckitx (46 points, 23 comments)
  5. Stir fry topped with soft boiled eggs by CuntFacedWankMuffin (45 points, 38 comments)
  6. Jellybeans not included by AmericanMuskrat (43 points, 29 comments)
  7. Complete! Beef stew with sour dough and butter by ioliteinshadow (42 points, 23 comments)
  8. Ham and Cheddar Lunchables by SexualFaggot (42 points, 14 comments)
  9. Too otter... We didn't be friend each other but I commented on your post and you on mine we never got close but we knew who each other was and we have conversated, your death shocked me to the core and made me sad, it made me want to throw my all the drink out of the house and call it a day by CuntFacedWankMuffin (41 points, 4 comments)
  10. Pushed through my hangover to make mango, jalapeño and cilantro chutney, lemon pepper salmon with a creamy dill horseradish sauce. by epiccheeseburgermama (40 points, 6 comments)

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  1. 16 points: AmericanMuskrat's comment in One year recap (text post) also kind of a shitpost too
  2. 16 points: MILK_DUD_NIPPLES's comment in I got shitfaced and ordered a case of raviolis
  3. 16 points: RichardStarrkey's comment in Has nothing to do with food, but if y'all wondered what I look like, this is me.
  4. 16 points: kenticus's comment in Pretty boy likes fireball, feeds me chicken wings and Xanax.
  5. 15 points: Bootfullofanvils's comment in Richard was right. The bathroom is kickass!
  6. 15 points: BudsNotBullets's comment in Has nothing to do with food, but if y'all wondered what I look like, this is me.
  7. 14 points: AmericanMuskrat's comment in New silverware that was gifted to me the other day. The chopsticks were featured in my ramen post earlier. So far I like it. If anyone knows how to read Japanese, please translate this for me.
  8. 14 points: AmericanMuskrat's comment in There's a muskrat cook off in town today. A friend is entering. He cooked the heads separately.
  9. 14 points: MILK_DUD_NIPPLES's comment in Has nothing to do with food, but if y'all wondered what I look like, this is me.
  10. 14 points: deleted's comment in A BOX of vodka
Generated with BBoe's Subreddit Stats
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2020.03.04 22:16 ar_david_hh Mar/4/2020 -- Today's news summarized. Stay informed about the ongoing Anti-Corruption, Economy, Major Changes, Politics, Constitutional Court Crisis, Diaspora, Daily Life, and more...

Parliament approved bills

Parliament voted 110-0-0 to pass a LHK bill that removes the requirement for pension recipients to physically appear to the bank, once a year, to receive a pension electronically. The bank will verify the recipient remotely. 4 out of 17 banks already have the system.
Army reservists are required to appear for training if summoned by the military. Parliament voted 114-0-0 to pass a Defense Ministry bill to increase financial punishment by 50% for missing the exercise summons.
Parliament approved a QP bill to amend the poverty aid law to help lift the poor families and reduce waste during aid distribution.
Parliament approved a bill about receiving help from CIS countries in the event of a radiation incident in Metsamor nuclear power plant.
They unanimously adopted the bill to share info with CIS countries to fight terrorism, physical attacks, and financing.
Parliament voted 112-0-0 to approve a govt bill to establish a new unified system to assess family social needs. The social aid services won't be "decentralized". Its various services (poverty assessment, medical assessment, etc.) will be monitored and run by the Labor Ministry. Poverty aid abuse will be cut.

Kocharyan's lion hunting

Kocharyan has a picture with a rifle and a dead lion near him.
Parliament was discussing the proposed asset forfeiture laws. A QP MP implied that Robik paid $1 million to have that fun. "You can find photos with multiple such exotic animals, with each costing $100,000 to hunt. It must have cost $1mln to kill those animals for a selfie," said the MP without naming names.

Georgia and Armenia could make travel easier

During Pashinyan's trip to Georgia, they signed an agreement to begin the discussions of possibly allowing each other's citizens to travel with basic ID cards.

coronavirus in Armenia

Update: Georgia recently banned the entry of Iranian cargo or drivers entering from Armenia, even if it was meant to be transported to Russia.
Armenian drivers claimed that since the new temporary Armenian rule requires Iranian drivers to hand over their cargo to Armenian drivers instead of Iranian drivers themselves traveling to Georgia, there is no risk for Georgians if Armenian drivers transport the Iranian cargo.
Today, the Georgian govt decided to lift the ban so Armenian drivers can transport Iranian goods through Georgia.
International airline companies decided to reduce the number of flights to decrease the spread of COVID. Civil Aviation advises Armenians to check their emails to see if they're affected. https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/182085
Pashinyan's bodyguard fell sick. COVID test came negative. https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/182128
Supermarkets began to sanitize shopping carts and other interaction hotspots 4 times a day. (feels like I'm playing Plague Inc.) https://armtimes.com/hy/article/182173

former mayor's charges dropped / Statute of limitations

Former Yerevan Mayor Yervand Zakharyan and his colleague were earlier charged with embezzling 3bln worth Hakhtanak Park green area, which wasn't even allowed to be privatized or exploited, and giving it to Robert Kocharyan-affiliated hotel in Mar-2008.
The investigators had to drop the charges because the statute of limitations has expired.
However, the investigators and prosecutors are working to recover the presumably stolen property.

Prosecutors ask Supreme to investigate trial delays

The General Prosecutor Arthur Davtyan has contacted the Supreme Court (not Constitutional Court) because some cases are being delayed for years.
A case was sent to court in May-2017, but one after another, 3 judges refused to hear the case because they were transferred to other departments. As a result, the case is still in the entry stage.
Another similar case is 2-year-old.
Sometimes the statute of limitations expires while the case is pending in court (WTF?). One such case happened in Feb-2017 when the judge delayed 18 of the 36 trials for "vacation or overload" reasons. This resulted in the felony suspect being released upon the expiration of the statute of limitations.
The General Prosecutor is asking Supremes to intervene. He also ordered subordinate prosecutors not to miss trials unless absolutely necessary.

Erebuni military airport's noise

Residents near Shengavit district are complaining about the fighter jet noise caused by the nearby Erebuni airport. "They fly right over our building at various times of the day," says a resident with a small child, "maybe they can move the base further away from Yerevan."
The flights don't happen every day, but frequently enough to bother residents.
The commander of the Russian aviation base Alexander Petrov admitted that they bother residents. "We fly every other day. We're noisy neighbors. We organized air shows for the nearby public and took other measures to warm our ties, and this resulted in significantly fewer complaints," said Petrov.
The jets aren't flying just for fun. They patrol Armenia's airs.
"The reason we have to fly over Davtashen is because of geolocation. On one side it's the border, on the other side Geghama mountains, another corner is Mt. Aragaths, so we have to fly over a residential area," said Petrov.
Erebuni airport was built in 1933.
More details... https://hetq.am/hy/article/114002

corruption busts in army reach unprecedented levels

In 2019, the prosecutors examined as much $ damages done to the army through fraud, as in 2013-2018 combined, say prosecutors.
154 new felony corruption cases.
63 for abuse of power by higher-ups, 29 forgeries, 27 embezzlement, 11 bribery, etc..
102 officials charged.
Cases sent to court +50% YoY.
230 cases of other types of resource waste uncovered, +27% YoY.
70% more warnings that resulted in the voluntary return of stolen resources.
12bln in damages uncovered, up 6x YoYo, and bigger than 2013-2018 combined. 1.2bln recovered so far.

more cities to start neutering dogs

The stray dog population grew across Armenia in recent years. Yerevan began neutering them in 2019.
Byureghavan has contacted Kotayk governor's office for help to implement a similar process. The first group of dogs was neutered recently.

Yerevan's war on parking clutter in Center

Yerevan municipality recently decided to remove some of the parking spots in the Republic Square, which is a major tourist attraction.
"The first thing you do while entering the square is seeing lots of parked cars. We changed this. The city is offering other parking areas for tour-bus drivers, some of whom came to complain about the parking ban today," said Mayor's spokesman Hakob Karapetyan.
Q: the bus drivers say you haven't offered them any alternatives.
A: not true, we have space in near Sakharov square.
Q: but it's too busy, they can't park.
A: lanes are being drawn and the parking area is being separated right now. They'll be able to park. They'll (tour agency buses) have their separate parking spot.

Freedom House assessment for Artsakh

"Freedom in the World 2020" report says the 2018 revolution and the new administration had a positive impact on making the Artsakh Republic freer. More competition, more active civil society. It's freer than Azerbaijan.
"The same cannot be said about gray zones occupied by Russia... Belarus, Russia, and Uzbekistan suppressed the opposition to win... Kazakh president handpicked a successor... Moldovian reforms have stalled... All of the positive changes in Eurasia are associated with the governments of Armenia and Ukraine."
Armenia is "Partly Free" as of 2019 report, with 2020 being prepared.

how much do YES/NO campaigns pay for TV ads?

Constitutional Court referendum will take place on April 5th. The YES and NO voting campaigns can purchase TV ads.
21TV: 6k/minute (less effective than shouting on the street)
5TV: 6.9k/minute (Robik srika)
Kentron: 24k/minute (Gago srika)
Yerkir Media: 25k/minute (ARF srika)
H1: 50k/minute (Nikol srika)
H2: 60k/minute (Robik srika)
ShantTV & ArmeniaTV: 100k/minute (someone's srika)

alleged referendum violations

One of the co-managers of the NO campaign is HHK Arsen Babayan (suspected of aiding HHK to hijack Constitutional Court in 2018). He shared a Facebook post from a woman claiming that she witnessed how Babayan's NO campaign members tried to bribe senior voters in one of Yerevan districts. Babayan himself shared the report so the police can investigate whether it's true. An investigation was launched. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1006502.html
The prosecutors examined 12 reports of rule violations. Several mild cases were found. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1007333.html
YES campaign manager Papikyan urged to report any violation by the YES campaign upon detection. He ruled out the possibility of illegally pressuring local officials to rally the YES vote.
Ironically, Papikyan was accused of violating propaganda rules by advocating for a YES vote outside of legally allowed boundaries. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1007332.html

criminal subculture bust

The thieve-in-law criminal subculture figure Oshakantsi Gevorik was detained as part of an open Investigative Committee case.
In case you enjoy arm twisting videos: https://youtu.be/eNVeBUP7DW0?t=11

Taxi drivers received tax exemption. Has the quality improved?

Not by much, according to a QP MP. Last year, the govt decided to remove a 12k fixed fee from individual taxi drivers, in part hoping that it would encourage better service and honesty. A QP MP says the drivers still rig the meters to overcharge travelers, but the complaints have somewhat decreased.

seniors to compete in checkers, backgammon, basketball

Elderly National Games is a competition organized by the Education Ministry. The 63+ seniors will compete in backgammon, checkers and win money or medals.
Each province, including Artsakh, can send 10 players - 5 men and 5 women. They'll compete in checkers, backgammon, basketball shots, and dart. Education Ministry will take care of transport, medical care, filming, equipment.
1st place AMD 95k, 2nd 85k, 3rd 70k.

UEFA Nations League

Northern Macedonia v Armenia Sep-5
Armenia v Estonia Sep-8
Armenia v Georgia Oct-8
Estonia v Armenia Oct-11
Georgia v Armenia Nov-13
Armenia v Northern Macedonia Nov-16
Why are Armenia's opponents weak this time? Because the new UEFA Nations League rules say that equally strong teams shall be placed within groups. Gonna get spicy really quick...

women's soccer team revived / 1st match

On Apr-19-2019 we learned that the Soccer Federation was in talks with the diasporans in USA and elsewhere to assemble a new female soccer national team.
It's done. The week-old team played their first friendly match against Lithuania and lost 0:1. The stadium was packed with a few dozen fans who came to witness the historical moment.
"We weren't expecting to play that good considering that we only trained together for a few days. This is our birthday," said a Soccer official Anna Tadevosyan.
The next match in on Mar-6 12 pm in Pyunik Stadium versus Lithuania again. (gotta try until you win, like the Brexit elections)
PICS: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/182121

1st Snow Champions League competition in Armenia

1,000 audience went to Aparan to watch 8 teams from several countries compete in the region's first "dznamart" Champions League.

lake Sevan cleanup

Yesterday we learned that Nature Ministry began to remove submerged trees from Sevan shores to reduce algae growth.
570mln is granted for this stage, with a petition for extra funding. 750 ha area to be cleaned by 2021. "The cleanup operations are at an unprecedented level."
40 tractors and tree carriers are being used. The cold weather helped to keep the equipment going smoothly (suck it up, global warming)
Drones and satellite images were used to identify the areas need for urgent treatment.
Ministry plans a 3.5-meter lake level rise by 2029. This would thicken the "cold layer" and improve water quality by keeping algae from spreading to the surface.
Nature Ministry held a meeting with Swedish and German delegations, Armenian water and nature organizations, to discuss the work around lake's healthification.
VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/armgovernment/videos/639774296786441/

agreement to reduce breast cancer drug price / govt to subsidize

Healthcare Ministry signed an agreement with Swiss Roche pharma to reduce the price of breast cancer chemotherapy drug Trastuzumab Herceptin by 30%.
This is the 2nd price reduction in a year. In 2019 another agreement reduced it by 10%.
"This 40% reduction will allow the Healthcare Ministry to subsidize breast chemotherapy meds," said Minister Torosyan.
Thank you Roche, really cool!

20 more Azeri-Armenian refugees receive housing

Infrastructure Minister Suren Papikyan issued property certificates to 20 more Armenian families who flex Azerbaijan in 1990s during the massacres. https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/182120

building instead of buying?

The govt is discussing the idea of building apartment complexes for (e.g. Azeri-Armenian) refugee families instead of buying existing ones. "We would have to carefully choose where to build so we wouldn't harm the local real estate market, and not to build in regions where there is already widespread vacancies," said Pashinyan. No specific plans yet.

Artsakh revenues exceed expectations

2020 began with good news for Artsakh's revenue collectors. Tax collection exceeded expectations by 7.9%.
76% of all taxes were paid by large businesses.

product prices decline

There was an overall 0.2% deflation in Feb-2020 vs Feb-2019.
Food & soft drinks -4.1%
Tobacco & spirit +9.1%
Clothing +3.5%
Utilities +1.2%
Household appliances +0.1%
Healthcare +2.1%
Transport +2.1%
Education +3.7%
Restaurants & hotels +1.8%
Communications -0.1%
Culture and leisure +1.6%
Services +1.4%

IRS stats / jobs / taxes

A micro-business is the one that earns less than 24mln/year. Recently they became exempt from taxation.
32,000 micro-businesses registered as of 2020.
1,150 of them are placed on a watch list for possibly exceeding the AMD 24mln threshold while trying to cover it up.
As of Dec-2019, there were 629,000 (+7% YoY) taxable job positions in Armenia.
+88k taxable jobs since Apr-2018. The biggest growth came from small/medium trade, food services, food production, services.
482 million (+39%) sales receipts were printed with AMD 6.1 trillion (+14%) turnover.
+14% more raids against businesses not printing receipts.
+55% more raids to uncover unregistered workers.
+38% in taxes & fees that were under-paid by businesses and paid only after IRS recalculated it.

their families expanded

Meet Pashinyan's dogs. The one on right was donated by Georgian PM yesterday. https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/182147
Armenian soccerer Henrikh Mkhitaryan welcomed his first child Hamlet. The couple married exactly 9 months ago in June, which makes them good law abiding citizens.


The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty. Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise. Archived posts by Idontknowmuch : PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
submitted by ar_david_hh to armenia [link] [comments]

2020.03.01 20:24 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: February 24th - March 1st

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Here's everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
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7 Comeback Masterlists

2020 Map of the Soul World Tour Megathread

New Releases

200225 [MV] YOUNHA(윤하) _ WINTER FLOWER(雪中梅) (Feat.RM) Thread
200228 [MV] BTS (방탄소년단) 'ON' Official MV Thread


200224 BTS @ The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
200225 BTS @ The Late Late Show with James Corden: Carpool Karaoke
200227 BTS @ Mnet M!Countdown
200228 BTS @ KBS Music Bank
200301 BTS @ SBS Inkigayo

News & Information

200224 Melon announced that BTS have already become eligible for a Top 10 Artist Bonsang at the 2020 Melon Music Awards
200224 The 2020 Korean Music Awards ceremony has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and winners will be posted on their website on February 27
200224 BTS_official Map of the Soul : 7 Broadcast Performance Announcement
200225 Connect BTS Seoul temporarily closed
200225 The Fact Music Awards has been cancelled and ticketholders will receive a full refund
200225 The members' Spotify playlists have been refreshed for the fourth time, this time with their favorite BTS songs
200226 BTS 4th Studio Album Release Event will be postponed temporarily
200227 BigHit: BTS won 4 Awards at the Japan Golden Disc Awards
200227 Suga has donated 100 million won to Hope Bridge to help support those affected by the Coronavirus outbreak
200228 (Incorrect?) The March 1 appearance on SBS Inkigayo will be the last promotion activity on Korean TV
200228 MOTS:7 debuts at #1 in the US with over 400K units sold
200229 BTS received their 2nd win for ON at today's MBC Music Core
200229 As of 2/29, ARMY donations to ‘Hope Bridge’ have surpassed KRW 308 million ($254,440)

Tour news

200226 LA #ARMY! NEW SHOW ADDED on BTS MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR! Tuesday, May 5, 2020!
200226 Mojo - BTS Map of the Soul Tour Rotterdam Ticket Info/Tips
200228 Amid the concerns over the spread of COVID-19, Map of the Soul Tour - Seoul Concert (April 11, 12, 18 & 19) has been cancelled

Expired news

200227 KpopHerald: Mnet confirms @BTS_twt to perform both "On" and "Black Swan" during their special comeback performance on tonight's episode of M Countdown

Official Media

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Bomb 200227 [BANGTAN BOMB] 'Black Swan' Stage CAM (BTS focus) @200227 M COUNTDOWN Thread
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Official SNS

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200301 Twitter Today's Bangtan @ SBS Inkigayo Thread
200301 Twitter Seokjin Thread
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CF & Partnerships

200224 Liiv MV X BTS Making Film by KB (j-hope)
200224 FILA KOREA - [휠라 X 방탄소년단] Since 1911 FILA HERITAGE
200226 Hyundai x BTS (Jungkook)
200227 Liiv M X BTS - Making Film by KB국민은행 (정국 편) (Jungkook)
200227 [휠라 X 방탄소년단] FILA BARRICADEXT97 (Jungkook & Yoongi)
200228 Formula E Korea Instagram

BTS Interviews

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200223 ET: BTS on the Part of 'Map of the Soul: 7' That Gives Them GOOSEBUMPS (Full Interview) Thread
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200223 Forbes BTS Is The First Korean Act To Keep Five Titles On Billboard’s World Albums Chart For A Full Year Thread
200224 The New York Times BTS Says New Album Tells of Conquering Doubts and Fears Thread
200224 Rolling Stone Map of the Soul: 7 is their most smashing album yet, showing off their mastery of different pop styles from rap bangers to slow-dance ballads to post-Swedish electro-disco to prog-style philosophizing. 4/5 Thread
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200225 ELLE The Boys of BTS Were Streetwear Fashion Icons During Their Tonight Show Takeover Thread
200225 Headline Planet BTS Episode Breaks “Tonight Show” Social Media Record, Sets 2020 High Mark Across All TV Thread
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200225 Drum Corps International Blue Devils get a taste of K-Pop superstardom Thread
200228 Variety Industry analysts are predicting first-week consumption of more than 340,000 project units for Map of the Soul : 7 Thread
200228 K-media K-media reported about K-ARMYs donating to COVID-19 prevention & relief efforts Thread
200229 HITSDD BTS could be headed for a chart bow north of 400k on Billboard 200 chart Thread
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Other video

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200301 Lauv talks about BTS and their feature on his upcoming song “Who” Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 200224 BTS - MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 surpasses 3 million copies in sales on the Hanteo Chart in 66 hours
Charts/Sales 200227 "ON" has passed 100k units in the US (combined versions)
Charts/Sales 200227 BTS sold more copies of MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 on Hanteo this week than they did with all their albums in 2019
Charts/Sales 200228 BTS’ Map of the Soul: 7 album sold 3.37 million copies in the first week, a record for a BTS album
Streaming 200224 BTS Has Surpassed 8 Billion Streams on Spotify
Streaming 200228 With 173,489,711 streams in its 1st week, 'Map Of The Soul: 7' has the 3rd biggest opening week for an album in 2020
Views 200224 BTS Has Surpassed 12 BILLION views on YouTube (Official MVs)
Views 200228 BTS's 'ON' Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima Has Surpassed 100 Million Views On YouTube (In 7 Days)


200225 For every hero, is a worthy adversary. Give it up for GWANG! Thread
200227 Front facing camera strikes again. 😳 #Soooo #Relatable #DoubleChin #Selfie #Mistake #Meme #KOYA #CHIMMY Thread


200225 Korean Lesson with Inner Child
200228 Korean lesson with We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal lyrics


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